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Thread: 2.4 beta changes to Holo-Me customisation and in-game livery

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    hehe we're all dead by 3301. thanks Donald.....

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    Originally Posted by Pawel Sebastian View Post (Source)
    Now, tell me why is this for really? Pilot can't walk and you're adding stuff for customizing him, why? It's useless. Better give us option for second save for the same account. One will be for example for exploration far far away and second will be for combat in the bubble.
    You should focus more on something useful for gameplay, than only on how to take more money from people for nothing.
    'Cuz glasses are easy.

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    Seriously?? Still no way to pose your commander? BOO!!!!!!!!!

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    Where is all of those thing Braben mention 5 years ago? When It will be in game?

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    Any chance of a transparent flight suit?

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    Will there be eyepatches?

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