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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.4 Closed Beta available to download now (changelog)

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    Originally Posted by Red Fox Four View Post (Source)




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    Originally Posted by rennarda View Post (Source)
    Those navigation enhancements are very welcome! 20Kly!! Neutron boosts included! Last scoopable star marked! Great stuff.
    At the moment i cannot get past 37% plot. I then get an error saying max 20Kly but my plot is only 7kly ?


    I logged out and logged back in and its now working

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    Originally Posted by SuBSynk View Post (Source)
    "Ship kills, and actions to complete planetary hack and disable missions will now only contribute to a single mission, this will be the earliest mission accepted"

    This is a huge change and from what i can tell it means there will be no point in taking more than 1 of these types of missions...or take 20 and logg in and out next to the generator to pop it 20 times...

    A few bug fixes which are expected and nothing much else it seems.
    Something had to give, hopefully its a temporary fix until 3.x and improvements to the missions overall. Currently i can take planetary scan missions for 2 different systems and have both complete scanning in just one of those systems.
    That's convenient but pretty lame.

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    Great stuff Ed - keep 'em coming!

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    I had gotten my hopes up for a new ship or new guns, but all these under-the-hood fixes are tantalising in their implications....

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    Mmm tasty patch notes.

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    No update on that Hard cap to Thermal cascade i see

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    So. Much. Good. Stuff.

    You know what, just put it on the live servers, I could really use the 20 kLy plotting right now!

    Seriously though, lots of nice "finally" stuff on there, and while sooner would have been better, I'm still glad to see it.

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    Is the horrific state of moving capital ships not being addressed? Beyond that, everything looks good!

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    So, basically, Elite: Dangerous 2.4 - The Store , plus other stuff I'm looking forward to testing. No news about the beigification of planets, so I hope there's a pleasant surprise waiting for us in 2.4. Love the 20kly route planner, but unsure about being spoon-fed info regarding the last scoopable star: part of the fun of exploring is figuring some stuff out for yourself, but obviously I'll wait to see how this works!

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    Originally Posted by optiplex View Post (Source)
    At the moment i cannot get past 37% plot. I then get an error saying max 20Kly but my plot is only 7kly ?
    Are you plotting across the dense core? I would fully expect it to throw tantrums there, just like it always has.

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    Awesome stuff, guys. Quick question: could you tell us more about this?

    "​Mysterious locations added that we’re not going to tell you about"

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    Hi guys, appreciate the info. One thing I'd like to point out from the start: Synth for chaff and Heat sinks is gonna be a bit of a disaster for PvP balance. Normally the amount of chaff launchers and HS launchers fitted is an outfitting choice and sacrifices have to be made. The ability to negate this will effectively make it so those who grind more synth will have an increased advantage in PvP (we already have this with premium ammo, the PvP community does not like this, as I'm sure you're well aware).

    I'll be downloading the launcher and testing the new synthesis features a lot, and will see if my concerns are valid. But I fear the worst.

    Sincerely, CMDR L'Intouchable

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    Some very nice changes and fixes! Kudos to all the hard-working FDev team!

    Still slightly disappointed that hull/canopy-repair is via limpets instead of via SRV/SLF, but very happy it's been implemented at all! Repair-Rats to the Rescue!

    Love the new route plotting and synthing! Although now I've made it to Colonia safely I no longer need to synth heatsinks (at the moment..)

    Hurrah for skimmer-bug-fix, although tbh, this really needed a hot patch.

    Will have to see whether the various Map issues have been fixed for non-standard (ie, 1080p) resolutions, and in VR, no mention?

    Sunglasses for Holo-me? *yawn* Where's our new ships?? Surely dev/artist time would be better spent fleshing out the core of the game instead of side-shows like the avatars.. (but that's just me).

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