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Thread: The good, the bad, and the 'seriously? this took 6 months?'

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Beeston View Post (Source)

    • It looks...rather small. I know thargoids are coming, I know there will be a lot of content there but...I hope it's worthwhile.
    Don't worry, there's plenty of pew pew... erm... I mean deep and meaningful content... to come.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Beeston View Post (Source)
    The good:

    • This was nice too: 'Added support for missions allocating additional rewards based on station distance from the jump-in point.' Though it would be nice if commodity market prices did a similar thing, it would certainly make trading a bit more interesting.

    (and a working economy)

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    So, basically, explorers are getting the short end of a non-existing stick - beige planets galore, useless heat-sink synthesis, lack of any update on existing exploration mechanics. Get off your bums, FD, and start implementing meaningful gameplay mechanics for explorers, for the sake of copulation (the censor filter is a bit excessive) . What the actual Ted Cruz are you thinking?

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    Either its overthinking in implementing new gameplay or lack of resources committed by Fdev for game development, progress has been at snail's pace.

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