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Thread: Holo-Me/Outfitting/Preview Discussion

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    I love the new Jennifer Grey option.

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    Got bogged coming out of SRV livery preview.
    Waited a few mins the had to exit to menu and reload.

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    Camera position for "wings" preview for asp explorer shows the front of the ship. Wings can barely be seen from that angle.
    Preview camera for "front decal" for SRV is clipping with the cabin glass in VR.
    Would post a screenshot but game crashed and now gives login server errors.

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    I know this really isn't that important, just an aesthetic issue really, but in the outfitting screen where your modules are listed, the little icon that shows a module has been engineered looks out of place, it kind of looks like an O stuck on the end of each word. It would look a lot better if it was at the top or bottom right of the column next to where the fixed or gimballed icons are.

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    Can we have access to the 'emotions' of NPC avatars? I'd like to see tabs to allow us to be happy, scowling (like the Dweller) or sad etc. I find it a bit odd that *every* player avatar leans the same way, and has the same expression.

    Could you have it so that the angle we rotate our Holo Me is the angle we see in our picture? Maybe limit it (or not!) to stop players showing us the back of the head.

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    i don't need multiple holo-me slots.
    i want multiple commander slots.

    something console player can do, but PC player not, without having bought the game multiple times

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    Had a minor issue with a Python paintjob, "Military forest green" was displayed as blue...

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    When previewing Name Plates and hovering over different options back/forth.. the plain text of my ship name changes immediately, but the accompanying emblem/logo(s) are delayed/jitter. Pretty minor but might be something to clean up

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    The new female hairstyles are gorgeous. Thank you!

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    What about some real long masculine hairstyle for the metalheads outta here who wants do be a Futuristic Khal Drogo? Ehehhh!

    There's a lack of models and some feminine ones which looks weird as hell if on male chars, which should just only be tweaked out to turn into cool

    Thanks for the dreads though!

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    The preview is nice but I would like to have a solid preview builder.
    Currently the livery vanishes if I don't buy it but if I want to test different colors with other name plates and other things etc. every resets as soon as I leave the folder.
    The section tabs also seams to be bugged.

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    Originally Posted by Sandro Sammarco View Post (Source)
    • Please check to make sure purchases you have made previously are present
    Is there any way to get a dump of all cosmetics owned? I have a lot of them. I can review my old order emails for purchases or (EDIT) view orders in the Frontier Store, but for items from various community events, freebie special offers, beta participation, black friday, freagle, golden asp, CG gold sidewinder, and livestreams I've participated in, there is no way to see what I have obtained, so it's hard to look for bugs in the listings provided by the game client.

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    Liking the previews.

    What would be nice is if you had a hide/show list option on the decal page (like in the Gmap), having 27 rank decals when I only need the 3 that match my actual ranks.

    This would declutter the page and be quite useful.


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    I know you *want* to encourage microtransactions, but perhaps it would be worth having a config file lock flag to disable 'shopper mode' for kids playing ED?

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    In Holo-Me some way to change all the colour choices for a section (e.g. Warpaint & Tattoos) instead of having to do them all individually.

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