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Thread: Holo-Me/Outfitting/Preview Discussion

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    Those extra HoloMe save slots are a godsend for all us video storytellers - thank you, thank you dev team!

    The new hairstyles are cleverly done I must say, it can't have been easy coming up with styles that would function similarly in zero-G and the positive G environments of stations and planets

    There is still that curious bug though, the one that's been around for as long as HoloMe itself... It's the one where BOOM! suddenly out of nowhere when cycling through the mouth options, your male HoloMe bizarrely acquires an uber-broad jaw. Thankfully the previous slider settings do seem to stick, so reselecting whatever jaw you had before does work.

    The Outfitting livery thing is a tad confusing at first sight - it gives the impression it'll be showing you all the ships you have at that station, but really the extra slots turn out to be for the ship and whatever SLFs and SRVs you have onboard that ship. Perhaps it's only me thinks that, but regardless, if all the boxes to the right of the ship livery one were slightly smaller, say, that would then imply they're sub-options pertaining to the ship rather than boxes that could be taken to reperesent multiple ships at a single station?

    Right, time to dig out those screenshots of HoloMe sliders for all my previously created characters so I can set them up in my new rogues' gallery of digital actors!

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    The "Save" option ought to make it clearer that you'll be taken to a page where the three save slots are chosen. This would reassure any players who've not yet saved a slot.

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    Originally Posted by Sandro Sammarco View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders!

    This thread is for feedback about changes to Holo-me, Outfitting and Livery preview Flow only. Please keep on topic, off topic posts may be deleted without warning!


    • There are now a number of save slots in the Holo-me interface, allowing you to save and swap between different looks for your Commander.
    • There is now a preview flow in the Livery interface.
    • Please check to make sure purchases you have made previously are present.
    • NOTE: any purchases you make during Beta will apply to your regular game.
    • Outfitting has had some under-the-hood plumbing - we need to make sure it still works as it did before.

    We'd love to hear from you about these changes. Pop a post down!
    Please can you add some more female hair styles with longer hair. Thanks.

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    I'd like to be able to disable the yellow wiggle effect when changing some of the character settings.
    Personally I find it a bit annoying to wait for it so settle and go away, just to see the outcome of the value I changed.

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    Looks great. A few issues:

    - The shopping interface doesn't seem to work (vehicle livery, I think). Toggling between on and off does nothing.
    - The same message "exit without saving?" seem to pop up even after saving a Holo-Me setting.
    - We are a number of creative beard styles short of being able to go full hipster. Otherwise great to see the additions.
    - How about the ability to add patches of grey to hair and beard?
    - No bearded women? It's the 34th century, get on with the time!


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    I might not be remembering this correctly, but I think there was a bit of disorder in the nameplates and decals screens. You have an arrangement of three options per row, which is nice because every type of decal/nameplate comes in black, grey and white. However, you have put the remove icon as the first option on the first row (which is fine), but you then continue the row with two of the three options for the first design, and you have to drop to the second row to find the third option.

    It would be more tidy to either have the remove icon on a row of its own (at the top), or make the first row have four icons, so that each subsequent row comprises of one type of nameplate or decal.

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    Have not searched the remaining posts, but I did make a note that the pulse SRV paints do not preview correctly...

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    Strange, everyone is on half-rations. I see no portly folks, tall or short folks.

    I guess the Frontier has some pretty narrow height and weight guidelines for who can sit in a cockpit.

    Welcome to a world where we are all the same height, weight and body build. Genetics at work in 3303.

    Must be that "one size fits all" spacesuit.

    Be well.

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    There are missing paintjobs in livery previews, i'll try to get complete list but something might get past me.
    Sidewinder: squardron pack
    Eagle: shipkits
    Cobra mk3: predator and squardron
    Type 6: turbulence pack
    Keelback: everything but tactical ice
    Asp Scout: military, vibrant and half of tactical pack
    Asp explorer: squadron pack
    Federal gunship: pirate faction
    Fer de lance: pirate faction
    Beluga: united, tactical and vibrant packs
    Anaconda: camo, tactical, vibrant, military
    Federal corvette: Tactical and military packs
    Imperial cutter: everything but military sand and tactical olive

    Be in mind this is the result of me checking these once, so there might be changes when you relog but on my current login these paint packs were missing from livery preview, I don't own all of the ships so my process of checking these were by each ship one at a time so rechecking this is not really that handy.

    All skins i have bought myself were there: cobra mk3 nest pack and shipkits, black paint on dbs and t7, bluestreak eagle, slipstream courier, squadron and golden anaconda with shipkits

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    Painjob preview, good idea and a very welcome one, but pointless in the dark garage with only one point of view and one colour, fixed light. And how do I preview a paintjob of a ship I don't happen to own right at this moment? I think what we need is a dedicated preview thing where we can choose ship, paintjob (+decals, weapon colours etc at the same time), lighting and can rotate the ship. We have an excellent free camera system now, why not use that with this? And as someone already pointed out, cannot preview things like weapon colours.
    Maybe use something similar as the 'Single Player Combat Training' option the launcher for trying out paints and gun colours. With the option to changing the lighting on demand.

    The idea is very good but in my opinion it needs a lot of work to become usable.

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    I'm very impressed with the changes, thank you Frontier.

    The only small thing I have to mention is regarding the UI colours for the items in the menu (existing issue), where if you use custom HUD colours, any coloured items in the shop menu are wrong, including for holome.

    Thanks again Frontier, for all your hard work

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    Love the new hairstyles and ship livery preview system. Would be nice if we could plan around the vehicles though.

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    Bug: Complexion section shows full body instead of just face.

    Loving the extra slots for saving, and 9 is more than we hoped for. Good work!

    Liking some of the new hair, especially the dreadlocks.

    Could some more beard choices be added? I'd like a goatee minus the moustache, and ideally with a soul patch. If these were 'stackable' or modular we could build up to a full beard made of chin, moustache, handlebars, soul patch, sides (cheeks) and sideburns. It might also be good to put moustache over goatee 01, for example, for different levels of beardiness.

    Bug: The goatee 01 preview thumbnail doesn't have an image.

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    String lights.

    Sandro, if you're adding the ability to have string lights in our cockpits, surely a cockpit Space Loach would also fit neatly into this slot.

    Come on, you know the Space Loach is a highly requested cosmetic item

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    Preview is nice but it can only happen in the hangar with terrible lighting and limited space to move the camera.

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