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Thread: Holo-Me/Outfitting/Preview Discussion

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    Lead Designer- Elite: Dangerous Frontier Employee

    Holo-Me/Outfitting/Preview Discussion

    Hello Commanders!

    This thread is for feedback about changes to Holo-me, Outfitting and Livery preview Flow only. Please keep on topic, off topic posts may be deleted without warning!


    • There are now a number of save slots in the Holo-me interface, allowing you to save and swap between different looks for your Commander.
    • There is now a preview flow in the Livery interface.
    • Please check to make sure purchases you have made previously are present.
    • NOTE: any purchases you make during Beta will apply to your regular game.
    • Outfitting has had some under-the-hood plumbing - we need to make sure it still works as it did before.

    We'd love to hear from you about these changes. Pop a post down!

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    Not all paints are available for previewing. And also not all bobbleheads. In the livery section for ships and transport.
    And also how to "see" colored weapons and engines? Realized the thing, but no use, not to see.

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    Hey Sandro,

    Here's my feedback on Holo/Outfitting/previews!

    My full feedback thus far can be found here:

    Holo Me

    - The new hair styles look good. I particularly like the "Jon Snow" variant. Personally I'll stick to my receding hair line, as sadly, that's the honest truth of what's going on up there.

    - The new commander style slots are a good idea. The feature has been well implemented.

    - Can't wait to see the glasses in game. I hope there's one with a red tint


    - I'm digging the new interface.

    - The in game representation of the paint jobs is fantastic. Excellent addition, but what's even better is you've extended it to decals, ship kits and even name plates. Well done indeed. SRV paint jobs also visible.

    - SLF paint jobs seem to be broken right now. Can see neither packs owned nor packs available for purchase.

    - Something is also up with the bobble heads. I can see the ones I own, but I can only see the alpha-numeric bobble heads from store. Can't see any of the other ones (ships/commanders/stations/etc)

    - I like the sorting and shopping mode touch.

    - WHAT THE HECK IS "STRING LIGHTS" ?!?!?!? ............... Be gentle on my poor wallet, Frontier.

    - How can we have a visual representation of weapon/engine colors? That would be sick.

    Comunications UI

    Probably my one of my favorite changes in the beta. This looks SO much cleaner. Well done, Frontier.


    - Repair limpets are AWESOME. I love the new UI elements and the 'blue heat' icon/buff below your ship. They seem to work well and you can launch multiples at either a target or at yourself (without targeting anything), but it seems there's a limit on how many active repair limpets can attach to each ship. If I already have one repairing me and I launch another, the new one self destructs. Damage taken negates the effect, and if you're repairing a friend, the two vessels must remain within a specific distance of each other. The buff icon doesn't seem to disappear though..

    - Ships are at full cost

    - Engineering doesn't cost Fish

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    The Holo me bug is still there. Where it doesn't save fully what you've made. Mainly the "type blend weight" slider.

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    We need pan/zoom when previewing ship kits. Current camera angles (example: the nose on FDL 1280x800) gets hidden and you can't see it - this is the same with wings and tails on other ships.

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    What do the new hairstyles even look like? any images?

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    A question, now that we can make save slots for holo me can we share them? Maybe there is something saved local on our computers?

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    Originally Posted by Crusina Luachra View Post (Source)
    What do the new hairstyles even look like? any images?
    My biggest gripe with Holo-Me when it first was released was the lack of feminine hairstyles. Here is a selection of three of the new styles. I am 100% happier with the new selection! THANK YOU Frontier!

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    Python Nameplate issue with Golden Paintjob: left side- White options are showing up Gray. Gray and Black options are showing up Black

    Seems to be only an issue with the Golden Paintjob

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    I like the new preview feature, so you can "try on" liveries before buying them (though I agree that it would be nice to be able to pan around your ship or SRV much the same way you can pan around your holo-me).

    The only bit I don't like so much is the "select on hover" behavior in the UI; I'd prefer it to be "select on click", otherwise I find it can get a little irritating when scrolling down through a long list.

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    Love it. Still think we should have an Ascendant pack for each ship. Metallic blue / red paint (Ascendant blue (Sapphire) Ascendant Red (Ruby), etc.)

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    I can't see the Sol planet bobble heads. Is that a bug?

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    Add engine colors to the SRV?

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    So far it looks pretty good, but can you tell us about these sets that we don't currently have. Is it additional clothing or a way of customising flight suits?

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    Excellent improvements to holo-me. New hairstyles are lovely. Thank you.

    Holo-me suggestions and feedback:

    After saving a face in a new slot, please don't ask to save again when exiting Holo-me. Basically, only raise the "unsaved changes" warning if there are any unsaved changes.

    It seems that all shoulder badges are unlocked, including Elite. Restrict to current ranks. And unlock a colour wheel so I can make them match my teal suit.

    Would it be possible to include an eye depth slider for a future update? The eyes are set too deep for me and I'd like to move them forwards a bit. I realise that with the forehead and nose bridge options already there, this might not be possible.

    Could I request hair colour gradations? I'd like grey on the sides with black on top. Or purple.

    I found a bug where adjusting a slider for the mouth made the cheek width suddenly jump to maximum. I'll try to find steps to reproduce and make a bug report.

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