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Thread: Audio Updates Discussion

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    Still can't really hear the SRV scanner... Sweet. A tricky 'bug' fer sure no doubt................

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    Originally Posted by pprovart View Post (Source)
    The effects at Silves dock are deafening compared to the levels of chatter and ATC....
    Hey, I spawned at Austen Town also !

    Apart from the CG dock issue of being wayyyyy too loud......., swamping the controller voice and anything else .....

    the sounds overall are a lot better - they have improved clarity, both ship and dock sounds. Hard to describe, and I've not played for a few weeks, so I hope it is not memory playing tricks, but they sound good so far

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    Originally Posted by Galactic Midden View Post (Source)
    I think it's a great station upgrade! No more pad blocking because everyone is in and out in a jiffy. No more waiting around for a space, no one can stand the noise
    hehe yes, I thought the same ! This will keep the docks free for commanders, even I wanted to be out of there as soon as possible

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    I like the added chatter and comms, makes stations not feel as empty. I really like the tweak to the multi-cannons that makes them have more of a bass to their fire. And overall other than bugs that have been said everywhere I am very pleased.

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    I was approaching the slot at Leesti and the controller told me my "approach is looking good, Commander." Well, technically correct, but she didn't notice the black Orca (presumably a commander, but we can't tell now because of the filled in hollow thingies) coming at me straight through the center of the slot !

    I stopped, let him through, then continued.

    The point of this comment is that the Controller comments are disconnected from what is actually happening. I know it takes a lot of programming, but we need more intelligent comments - if the slot is not clear, say so, if the approach is not clear tell us .....

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    Originally Posted by TheSisko View Post (Source)
    Has there been any increase in the audio feedback for cannons? Because this is really needed, cannons (even the huge ones) are far too quiet.
    Completely agree.
    Cannons and also multiguns are so silent on certain ships like the Anaconda that I can hardly hear them firing.
    I would really like these weapons to have a beefy punchy sound. That would be so satisfying.

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    It's not just Silves Dock. I've been to a few systems now, it's much louder everywhere. Definitely needs to be turned down a bit.

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    Glitches seem to have been introduced. As reported I've noticed the supercruise countdown noise being cut off by other effects, traffic control being drowned out, and the "undock lift" noises not appearing at all.

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    Argh I just landed at Silves Dock and I was suddenly reminded about the time I lived right near a church. THE DAMNED DEAFENING BELLS!!!!

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    Except for the bells in the CG station, I perceived no difference in audio. So, working I guess?

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    Unfortunately there is little more music to me in this beta then in the normal version.
    Except for the loud sounds at Silver dock.

    Most music is the same.

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    SRV scanner sound is missing. SCB sound is missing. ATC does not bug out anymore when I use docking computer. Industrial station ambient sound at 20% volume is louder than most of the youtube "meme" videos at 100%. Supercruise countdown sometimes cuts out at "In three..." and game becomes very quiet for a few moments. Did not notice anything different about the music.

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    Planets now all sound the same on the system map. Means that players cannot tell the difference between Water-worlds, Earth-Like Worlds and blue coloured HMCs by the sound they make when you zoom in on the system map.

    Will not be popular with players who enjoy exploration I expect.

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    No mention of Obsidian Ant's voice at his station?!

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    I can confirm the sounds at Silves Dock are waay too loud. Nearly jumped off my chair when I crossed the mailslot and that siren like sound started off... Really scary, sounds like the whole station is about to break into pieces...

    P.S.: and yes, the SRV scanner is way too silent. I'd say the loudest adjustment now better should be a 50% or somewhere in this range

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