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Thread: Audio Updates Discussion

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    What I'd really like is a "Master Volume" slider - so that E: D does not drown out other system sounds, music, etc..

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    Has anyone else noticed the "back" or "left" UI sound is gone? For like, selling goods, and other such situations where you press left to do something? Same thing for turning in the science stuff for the CG, pressing left to lower the amount I am turning it, gives no sound, pressing right, does.

    Also, anyone experienced some minor "cut out" in the audio at various times? It's sort of random ish, but seems to happen fairly consistently when entering/exitting new instances, or moving away from a sun... hard to describe, but it's just all audio cuts with a tiny click for a fraction of a second.

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    Originally Posted by _trent_ View Post (Source)
    Planets now all sound the same on the system map. Means that players cannot tell the difference between Water-worlds, Earth-Like Worlds and blue coloured HMCs by the sound they make when you zoom in on the system map.

    Will not be popular with players who enjoy exploration I expect.
    This is nothing new, it has been this way for quite some time now.

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    As everyone else mentioned....background noises in stations are messed up....Bad enough to have me rip my Hyper X's off when entering a station.

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    Originally Posted by Maxulic View Post (Source)
    I have been to 3 different stations and the audio was messed up (way too loud) for the 3 of them. The only one that was normal was the one where I spawned at Austen Town.

    I have been to 2 different planetary bases, these ones are ok but there's less audio effect anyway.
    Maughmer Ring at Maityan is almost painful in volume. Also Silves Dock. there is noway to turn this down

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    Frontier, I'd like to say that I love your approach to the game. Obsidian Orbital voiceover is incredibly powerful and amazing. Not mentioning the size of fixes and tweaks in the upcoming patch. Keep up the good works guys and girls

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    Well I got through the letterbox and now a need new pants and a shower, maybe a hearing aid as well.

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    Hello, all.

    Possibly, the volume at Silves is deliberate: FD knows it's my neighbourhood and doesn't want me once again falling asleep on a large pad, if it's busy. It worked, by the way.

    On-topic: I love the new audio-system. I've been hearing the same things as other posters, judging from their descriptions.

    I'm running on an ancient, knackered machine, one that's effectively well below minimum spec, once malfunctioning bits are taken into account. Previously, it's been evidently choking on the audio: stuttering very badly, with the frame rate going through the floor whenever the sound-processing got too complex (e.g. the 'back-and-forth' audio-effects from the 'ship-waggle' when landing, heavy firefights, etc).

    I've not tested it extensively yet (too busy looking at Thargoids for the first time), but it now seems generally a lot better, with a lot of the frequent, lighter sound malfunctions disappearing almost entirely - and only slight stutter at the usual worst points (as above).

    That said, I have had a couple of moments where it locked up properly and took ages to recover, but this seems rare enough not worry me - and it could just be my machine having one of its moments anyway.

    As a pointer to possible future work, it might be worth considering an option to 'smooth out' the sound more, in the busy situations mentioned. I'd happily take the hit to audio immersion, if it meant a more stable game, overall.

    (Off-topic: that was my first time seeing the Thargoids and Jaysus, Mary and Sean O'Reilly, that place is creepy. Top job, all round. Fantastic architecture, great sound work and loved the Triffid references. It broke my heart to shoot those sweet little Tharglet drone things, though. Ah, well. A decal's a decal. Wait, did I say "decal"? Sorry, I meant "decal". D'oh!)

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    Just want to add that the imperial courier engine sound has lost all of its character in this beta. Whatever you've done to it, please undo.

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    The audio for the count down to hyperspace (or any audio) is to low to hear. I have the volume slider all the way up and barely hear the count down. In the SRV I get some message but again the volume is to low to hear it. I have the slider all the way up. Please increase the maximum volume and we can adjust it down with the slider if need be. Thanks.

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    Originally Posted by Epicthetrumble View Post (Source)
    Well, station audio is a complete mess ATM, so it's quite definitely not "same as before". At normal volume settings the ambient noise was loud enough to actually shake my headphones. Might want to look into that.

    Edit: only seems to affect Silves dock.
    Same issue.

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    As everyone else has mentioned, the background noises in stations are inconsistent - some are way too loud, others you can hardly hear anything at all.

    I'm still finding the lack of volume on the ships comm voice disturbing - it still sounds like it's coming from a bath tub in another room, all echos and muffled; also, entering/exiting witch-space is still too loud in comparison - especially wearing headphones!

    Oh & only 3 days of closed beta??! 3 days!!!; Are you serious????

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    Only two things I have noticed. One, I get the countdown from 4 to 1 when jumping into supercruise or hyperspace when I have all ship voices turned off.

    Two, shield cell bank activation sound seems very faint, or almost non existent.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Tyrus Quinn View Post (Source)

    Oh & only 3 days of closed beta??! 3 days!!!; Are you serious????
    I agree but, when you take a look through all the bug reports, QA probably said "enough!"

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    Hi there FD audio crowd! Can you wonderful people add an ASIO in/out to the cockpit reverb models? So easy to do.... Pleasssseeee? So we can listen to our music as if it were in the cockpit itself? I humbly prostrate myself before you! (Come on!- its like 10 minutes work! -please!)

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