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Thread: Audio Updates Discussion

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    Couple small notes, may we please turn up the scanner volume, given this is tied to master volume; this creates a scenario where the parent control, is impacting the supplicant (ie, scanner).

    Also can someone else please break out an orca, and tell me if all thrusters sounds are absent when you turn FA-Off? Is there a bug report for that already?

    At some point between 2.4 and now, it's lost the primary thruster sound effects with FA-Off. Directional thrusters sill 'puff' but primary and retro are silent. Soon as FA is on, suddnely engines noises. Which is really annoying because Orca has some of the most ace engine sounds in the game. I'll go check to see if there is a bug raised already.

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    I have better feedback inside the ship. Its more audible to me. Music is stunning, as it ever was and new, love that. Fine work Frontier.

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    I don't know if it's a bug or no, but anyone has docked at Palin's research in the beta? The music is incredible.. I found myself looking around for the Thargoids..

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    Originally Posted by Joe Hogan View Post (Source)
    ...worth noting that the wavescanner drops in volume while you are driving at speed...
    Why? This is the exact opposite of what should happen...

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