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Thread: Route Plotter Discussion

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    Originally Posted by Peuwi View Post (Source)
    It would have been much more efficient, and save a lot of resources as well, to only plot the next 30 jumps in the general direction of the target (which can be as far as we want), and calculate additional stars after each jump.
    Not a bad idea. IMO though, a problem with route plotting is that if you go and select another star, the route disappears and you have to re-plot. It would be interesting to be able to do 2 things with the route-plotter.

    1. Save the route so you can re-load it without having to re-plot. Of course, jumping to another system will clear any saved routes, and "save" means save in a local file or in memory, not on the server.
    2. Be able to manually pre-select certain stars that the route plotter MUST include when plotting. One may wish to visit a final destination but also visit certain stars that may be outside the plotted route. You won't always want to use the fastest route, sometimes you may wish to take the scenic route. I'm pretty sure this has been wished by others too...
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    You have a shortcut to re-select the next plotted star, even after you selected an other object on your celestial body panel
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    Love it. Now, please fix the GalMap on Xbone. Its seriously buggy. Most of the time it cannot be used because stars only show up on the plane GalMap spawns on.

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    Originally Posted by rxay579 View Post (Source)
    Unexpected failure when trying to plot routes. I'm in the 2.4 beta test system with the alien ruins, bumming around in SC. Went to check route plotting and got a failure on a route just over 2k ly. Tested again every 100ly down to ~741ly when I got a success. Not sure why the failure. All star types selected for routing. Any suggested variables to test?
    Album here:

    *EDIT* This was 2.4 beta 1. Haven't tested again with 2.4 beta 3.
    Still an issue in 2.4b4, but only on a low jump range ship (14-15ly). On a 20ly jump range ship, it will plot. Maybe just an issue with the the wrong reason displayed for the failure (it's definitely under 20k ly).

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    Originally Posted by Peuwi View Post (Source)
    As far as I understood, the problem of fuel tank is still not fixed.
    (bug submitted since ... fuel tank implementation)

    -> route plotting is still considering fuel tanks to be always full, resulting in a very low range of jump in the plot if the ship is equipped with many [empty] fuel tanks.
    -> the simple solution would be to provide an additional slider or fuel freight (same as cargo) with default value equal to current fuel stock

    An other solution would be to display fuel tank in the cargo menu, and provide an option to deactivate them.

    This bug is a real limitation of fuel tanks since they had been added to the game, a real limitation to the ability of an explorer to prepare efficiently a long journey into the stars
    The problem with plotting based on fuel remaining, versus full, is that this means any appreciable increase in fuel, leads to failure to jump because of mass increasing beyond jump capability. So ignoring part of the capacity will lead to repeated trips back to galmap every time you happen to be over, which means more time spent chugging away recalculating routes.

    That this impacts optional modules is logical, even if not expected behaviour. I'd suggest if we could disbale the extra tank(s) then this could be used to consider range. This allows for periods where the extra tanks are used, and times when they are not, and calculation is based on the state of the tank.

    Otherwise it's just going to swap one annoyance with another.
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    Originally Posted by Spansh View Post (Source)
    I am 100% limited by my data usage, it is certainly "not" an advantage as can be seen by the vastly better routes by site plots between Sol and Colonia vs other areas of the galaxy. With much better data I could plot much better routes. With perfect data I could also use some other algorithms I had experimented with and ultimately had to ditch due to "holes".

    I have already made some statements about how my site will work come 2.4, I will be removing intermediate stars from the plan as the in game router will allow you to plot directly between neutron stars instead of having to plot from neutron to intermediate for a single jump then plot from intermediate to next neutron. With the new router allowing people to plot directly between neutrons it should mostly eliminate the problem of people jumping themselves into a system they cannot get out of as well.

    This is something I am glad to hear.
    Considering algorythms for FD are becoming a serious issue due to a massive data flow compared to the less massive "only-known" one from Spansh, I am glad that Frontier stepped on their way and spansh already thought about how to improve it to simplify routing.

    I am sure the coordinate work will surely give some extraordinary results, as I can imagine and I think you should somehow be mentioned in some Stellar Cartography Glossary ehehehe.

    Can't wait to see the next Route Plotter + Spansh NH going on after 2.4!

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    Originally Posted by kofeyh View Post (Source)
    Otherwise it's just going to swap one annoyance with another.
    Not really, nothing does force player to change the slider, he can still keep it at maximum.
    And, it's exactly the same than the current situation with cargo : you can reduce the cargo, even if you can load more cargo afterwise.
    And one annoyance is quite limited : you just cant make a jump with a nice message, so you have to plot again without the mistake.
    The current annoyance today, is beeing completely unable to plot a route to full range just because you have prepared empty fuel tank for some part of your journey.

    But, that's right, it's also possible to deactivates fuel tank, it's just way easier to add a slider for fuel as it is for cargo.
    I'm not the only one asking for it, not even is this thread, they are hundred of messages, bug submission, from many players, since fuel tank exists.

    But, well, for any bug, we can always find a good reason for not fixing it.
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    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but is there a way to filter out anarchy systems when plotting? I'm going to test it now, so I may edit this myself with an answer.

    Oh, I guess I'm not going to test it. The beta is gone now.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR QUANTIS TRAP View Post (Source)
    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but is there a way to filter out anarchy systems when plotting?
    That is currently already possible, at least. Sort by government type or security level, apply filter to route.

    Note that this only makes sense when travelling inside the bubble, and that empty systems nobody ever jumps to are safer for you than medium security systems with pirates and police that arrives after a minute.

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    Despite more complicated requests:

    When you plot a route that's longer than your fuel supply (which it already calculates), it should waypoint the route through scoopable stars or systems with a refuel dock based on your fuel range for each leg of the trip. If you have a ship that has enough fuel and jump range to make 200ly legs, then the route planner will route you to through the nearest scoopable star or station system every 200ly until you reach your destination.

    To build on this further, if you do not have a ship fitted with a fuel scoop, the route planner will use stations as waypoints, and not star types. Classic highway/gas station routing.

    Basically, a GPS that knows when you need to pull over for gas. As much as the Fuel Rats are a pinnacle of public service, this would mostly limit strandings to 'more deliberate' scenarios, rather than simply gassed out between Cubeo and Maia.

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    TLNTDR (too long no time didn't read all).

    Waypoints - has this been discussed? over a long distance such as the 20K proposed it would be Highly Beneficial if you could mark way points you want to include - this could be bookmarked systems you already have in place, scoopable stars, POI's etc. So go to Galaxy Map mark first waypoint on your route - plot route - mark second waypoint - plot route - mark third and so on until you hit either a route failure or the 20k max.
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