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Thread: Thanks Frontier for the new hair. (Yep. Kicking that hornet's nest again boys)

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    Originally Posted by Momoka Azuka View Post (Source)
    I'll keep this post short.
    Just like your hair.

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    Originally Posted by BDelacroix View Post (Source)
    Is there the possibility then that our female fighter pilots won't all have butch hairdos that they received during the last patch?
    That's actually a good question. Granted I like my current npc crew mate as she is now. A new one pilot down the road I would imagine would have the new hairstyles but I'm just guessing there.

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    I'm surprised by how taken I am with some of the new hair, but it's really good. Clearly they still have the limit of nothing going below neck height, but FD have done really well within that restriction. The avatar I did for my wife now looks more like her (well, a bit more) and much amusement was had when I put the curly hair on my own Holo-Me and turned him into Jonathan Creek.

    I like the dreads, too. If I ever decide to RP a pirate, he's having dreads.

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    Can you post pics of the new hairstyles?

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    I have long hair. Thin, but long.

    Ponytail works best for me. Actually my forum avatar to the left is indeed wearing one. There was one opt from the start.

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    Originally Posted by vindelanos View Post (Source)
    Me too, that's why I keep waiting for beer belly and fungus riddled toenail options.
    TMI! Disengage!!

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    Im still waiting for the 700 real gender options.

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    Some nice looking variety they've put into these.

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    My download is still ongoing - is the blue hair fixed and now actually blue?

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    I'll join in the applause in this thread - well done the devs for these new hair styles!

    When you consider that we're dealing with the artistic nightmare of trying to make hairstyles that would function similarly in both zero-G and positive gravity environments, I think the team have come up with some very impressive and innovative styles here!

    Five thumbs up!

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    "You know nothing John Snow"

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    All for it. Layers on layers on layers, across the whole game and a +1 to Frontier for quietly taking this one further on.

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    The new hairstyles are really great. For me, it's been the surprising highlight of the beta so far.

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    Originally Posted by LeiHarper View Post (Source)

    This is three of the new styles. I am 100% happier with the new selections. Great selection of different racial style hair overall now too. I can finally make a book version of Naomi Nagata from the Expanse with some of the epic curly hairs.
    Oh, so now there are female avatars too?

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