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Thread: Thanks Frontier for the new hair. (Yep. Kicking that hornet's nest again boys)

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    I liked the one that made me look like Ned Stark from Game of Thrones.

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    Originally Posted by Momoka Azuka View Post (Source)
    I'll keep this post short.

    I just want to say thank you to the art team and programmers at Frontier for the longer hair in the beta. It was my biggest issue with 2.3. Which yes I know it may seem shallow to some. I kinda kicked over a hornet's nest with the last thread I made on the subject.

    Yes I know what people will say, most of them have said plenty on the subject in the old thread. But FDev did listen to my concerns with the Holo-me and I just wanted to say thanks.

    It was a major problem for me because I struggle with games with character creators that don't allow me to make an in world version of myself as I would be irl. I knew when I made the original thread that we'd probably not see anything about this till 2.4 if ever and was happily surprised to read about it in the patch notes and seen the new hairstyles in the beta build. I'm just happy I feel like I can envision myself at the helm of my ships again and at the end of the day, that's all I could ask for.

    Screenshots?! Pretty please

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    Originally Posted by Momoka Azuka View Post (Source)
    And yes before someone asks, I have scars. In fact I have way worse scars that what the game allows for. And the cyborg eye represents the fact I am indeed blind in my left eye
    Wow. Thank you for sharing. I too have scars on my head, but luckily they are all hidden by: My beard (which is why I have one), my eyebrow, and the worst is under my hair. I hope it's a long time before I go bald!

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    Ran into a bug that's hard locking me when I load the beta so I can't grab anymore screen shots of my cmdr. I did already post the one I had already on the first page.

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    Originally Posted by Trinity Star View Post (Source)

    Thank You Frontier!

    Trinity - you look great with that haircut.

    I was pretty annoying about Long Hair.
    My case was that 56 out of 60 Female astronauts had long hair, and that only 2 out of 340 male astronauts had beards.

    I'm super happy about this.
    Whether from the perspective of identity politics, or simply that long hair is kinda hot, this is absolutely a win.

    Awesome milestone.
    Now - on to my real agenda:
    See, I identify as a kangaroo.

    Long Ears Naooow!!!11!1!

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    Really like the extra options and hope they do more in the future. Was very surprised when I saw the notes. I role-play as a character and this helps build on that more than any other style could before. She is kind of like a female version of a "Raymond Reddington" charcater. A spy, a mercenary, a smuggler, a merchant. Someone that plays all side for their own benefit, but still has a certain code of ethics that are bit ambiguous in some areas and very strict in others. I found the game much more enjoyable when I play like this. It helps fill the gaps for now in the story. Thanks Frontier for this addition.

    Would love to see longer hair versions in the future, but this one will do just fine till then.

    What is the outfit customise "sleeves" "legwear" "torso wear" options? Intriguing!

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    Originally Posted by DNA-Decay View Post (Source)

    Awesome milestone.
    Now - on to my real agenda:
    See, I identify as a kangaroo.

    Long Ears Naooow!!!11!1!
    You do you.

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    Originally Posted by LeiHarper View Post (Source)

    This is three of the new styles. I am 100% happier with the new selections. Great selection of different racial style hair overall now too. I can finally make a book version of Naomi Nagata from the Expanse with some of the epic curly hairs.
    I know this is a bit of a revival but I just wanted to say, the hairstyle on the left is amazing. I've got a new CMDR name. Won't say what as I'm only entrusting that information to a few, but as a result I'm using a female avatar. That left hairstyle is exactly as I imagine her!

    Thanks Frontier!

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