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Thread: Voice Attack analogue for Mac?

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    Voice Attack analogue for Mac?

    Hi there,

    after braving the void for two years on a Thrustmaster Warthog setup (Stick & Throttle), I've now switched to a dual stick setup (replacing the throttle with a TM 16000). Since the the new stick has much fewer switches compared to the TM throttle, I've used Voice Attack with a Voice pack when I play Elite on the wrong (Boot Camp) side of the universe. Since speech recognition is at least as advanced on the Mac (see Siri), I was wondering if someone could recommend a similar software as the Voice Attack voice-activated macro utility that works on the Mac.


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    As far as I am aware no suitable replacement exists for VoiceAttack on macOS

    I did experiment with some apple scripts but these were very slow and needed you to press a button to trigger the speech recognition

    It might have got better now. There is an old thread here

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    I have tried Automator for creating dictation commands. Other than a second or 2 delay it works. I have created command for setting up the distributor for defence , attack and balance. I created commands for super-cruise and landing gear.

    You dont need to press a button , there is also an option to say "computer" before saying the command and it works as well. I think that even that is not necessary , but I am ok with it.

    The delay is not a problem either because I use it for tasks where speed is not that important.

    The big problem for me is my Greek accent that makes it hard to recognise what I am saying and that takes me a couple of tries. But I started just yesterday so I am sure with a bit of practice I wont be much of a problem.

    The workflow is very easy
    1) Open Automator
    2) Choose new and then "dictation command"
    3) Choose the name of your command this is also what you will say and check the box to enable it
    4) Find "run AppleScript" and drag and drop in the execution are which is the biggest area
    5) Remove the text inside and instead replace it using this as an example

    tell application "System Events"
        tell process "EliteDangerous"
            repeat 4 times
                key code 123 using command down
                delay 0.3
            end repeat
            repeat 4 times
                key code 124 using command down
                delay 0.3
            end repeat
        end tell
    end tell

    no idea why "command down" is necessary as this was my first try with Applescript but it works. You can find the key codes easily if you google for them.
    Applescript is actually very powerful so you can some pretty complex stuff with it. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Delay is used because sometimes games are made to respond to user input which is way slower, so that makes sure the game has enough time to respond.
    You may also need to enable dictation via the System Setting, Accesibility tab. You also create new commands from there but I find Automator more flexible and you will have to use it anyway.

    Most likely Applescript is way more powerful than VoiceAttack because MacOS is engineered in such way to allow Applescript to all its events, that means quite a lot of deep control of any application. I know Applescript now even has the ability to execute objective c code which of course takes it to another level.

    But these stuff are too complex for the basic needs of a gamer, the above template should be enough even if you want to do something complex.

    I plane to use this method to setup my entire computer on voice commands , for now I have only one command which is "shut down" for shutting down the computer.

    Have fun

    PS: Oh I forgot, all this is free, it comes included with your MacOS.