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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.4 Closed Beta now over

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    It's possible their metrics from previous betas show they get the most load on the first weekend, and since they wanted to load the mission system, that was the major thing they got over this weekend.

    Nothing fell over and nothing game breaking, so that's that. I too hope the open beta will give us a more, especially the Type 10.

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    Originally Posted by Iskariot View Post (Source)
    I have always suspected Edward Lewis to be a Thargoid agent.

    I think it's Sandro.

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    I look forward to Thursday and the next beta.

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    And I look forward to the 2.4 release tot he live servers next week.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Eagleboy View Post (Source)
    First portion of 2.4 update, mostly QoL updates.

    Second portion will include more of 2.4 content, now most likely related gameplay to Thargoids story...but i suspect not only.
    Thargoid content other than what we have seen will not be in Beta already confirmed by FDEV

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    So it looks like we maybe getting 2.4 live reasonably soon, possibly hopiaround the beginning of sept. I thought it would be the end like it usually is, but I can't see the beta lasting another 4 weeks.

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    Yikes, that was quick!

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    Originally Posted by tomeagles View Post (Source)
    Thargoid content other than what we have seen will not be in Beta already confirmed by FDEV
    Hopefully it will be new stuff like combat zones around stations. This could be testing of thargoids, but using human NPC ship instead to see how they work. That is my hope anyway.

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    a lot to sort out still, the bugs section is rather full.

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    Originally Posted by Winterwalker View Post (Source)
    Phew. Rumours had already started that the Closed Beta was under Thargoid Intelligence attack.

    Rock on!
    Tell me about it. Hanging around in the thargoid danger zone kept literally shutting my PC down. Especially when going close and the SRV starts losing power, my PC would lose power, for added effect. (`What a simulation!` I thought.)
    This morning noticed that my report about it missing from the forums. It`s a Frontier-Thargoid conspiracy.

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    Thanks Ed !

    Can't wait to test 2.4 with this open beta !

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    Just wondering if our savegame from beta 1 will carry over to the open beta at all ??

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    Probably not as FD will most likely have taken a new copy of all PC players to populate the new Beta.

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    OK, thanks Ian.
    Well, there goes the 3 billion CR I made and my beautiful Beluga hehe

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