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  • 01 - DaddyHoggy - untitled

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  • 02 - Ermyntrudethenoob - Sarah likes it hot

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  • 03 - General Noctivagus - 1st Drabble

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  • 04 - RoyalHankey - Armageddon and the Wobbly Unrelated

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  • 05 - Listeri69 - Maury : A sad tale that involved an envelope

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  • 06 - cleonymus - The price of fish is on the up.

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  • 07 - Frank - Message in a Klein Bottle

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  • 08 - Persona Non-Grata - From Persona Non-Grata : Shameless Name Dropping

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  • 09 - insanephoton - The trouble with names.

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  • 10 - Galactic Midden - Hagrids To Retrun

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #215: Unrelated

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #215: Unrelated

    This is a Drabble contest. Please vote for your favourite Drabble. We have to let psykokow win every now and again because it's his radioshow, the winner was psykokow and his most excellent story.

    His choice was "Unrelated"

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a plea to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself.

    01 - DaddyHoggy - untitled

    The station commander held up a holoplate with text scrolling down its high resolution display.

    “Can you confirm this is your bar bill?” the station commander asked.

    The pilot considered denying it, but saw his retinal scan confirming his extended credit. He nodded.

    “And this,” noted the station commander, holding up another holoplate of a Cobra Mk3 with a gouge down its port side, “is your ship after you introduced it to the toast rack this morning?”

    The pilot nodded again.

    “And you’re asking me to believe these two events are completely unrelated?”

    The pilot nodded for a third time.

    02 - Ermyntrudethenoob - Sarah likes it hot

    'All of them?'
    'How can it be ALL of them?'
    'DNA doesn't lie Carl.'
    'I know these missions have me away a lot but no way all six of my kids aren't mine.'
    'Ok, how many black folks do you have in your ancestry?'
    'None that I'm aware of. But as Sarah said, it was dark when Alice was conceived.'
    'And Jamie? How do you explain that?'
    'I didn't say there wasn't any Labrador in my ancestry! Next thing you'll be telling me that Polly doesn't look like me, huh? Don't listen to him darling.'
    'Polly wants a cracker!'

    03 - General Noctivagus - 1st Drabble

    sitting around minding my own bussiness in the pants system
    sipping away on some gin reclently brought from Hutton orbital
    watching the dozen screens of information constantly updating on information of Hutton space
    up / down up / down goes the percent ,in / out of wars we go
    waitress another round of shots please, and make them mug sized this time.
    mind wondering , what should be our next move, where do we go from here, panic, confustion
    what the was that , oh just a dam fly on my screen.
    must get this other election sorted by fantasticon, on a unrelated note when do the new mugs arrive.

    04 - RoyalHankey - Armageddon and the Wobbly Unrelated

    The sleet reminded me of a puppy that day - what a day for Armageddon.

    I panicked, my fear reflected in the eyes of Dear and Grandpa.

    But then we saw it - a wobbly Unrelated. Dear smiled. Sticky spikes, magical mouths and brown hooks - the Unrelated seemed like the answer to our prayers.

    Grandpa looked at the help and cooked briskly. Dear, jumping agreeably, conveyed similar sentiments.

    A sense of deep anticipation ran through my fingers, sitting fondly.

    Dear admired the Unrelated's sleepy legs, breath held tight.

    Chatter, Chatter!

    With help from a bendy me, the Unrelated saved the world. Phew!

    05 - Listeri69 - Maury : A sad tale that involved an envelope

    'Will we see him again?'
    The young girl pushed her hair back behind her ear. as the wind whipped over the flat plains, blowing it instantly back into her face.
    'He went to make his dreams amongst the stars, maybe one day he'll come back'
    The girl pointed at one of the many streaks overhead, 'That's him jumping into supercruise'
    'Maybe it is, come on inside now it's almost bedtime' she said ushering the girl into the small cottage
    'Why did daddy really leave?'
    she sighed ' He figured it out in the end, I'm white, he's white and you're black....'

    06 - cleonymus - The price of fish is on the up.

    Everything is hard on the frontier.
    Billions of people struggle with life and death every day.
    People are lost in the void for months or years.
    They return desperate for companionship, only to hear the call of deep space again.
    They meet and part, love and lose, and then disappear into the black..
    Lightyears from civilisation, consequenses are played out.
    Sometimes a lone explorer will find themselves with an unexpected passenger.
    These youngsters are often left at remote outposts.
    They develop, they grow, they move from milk to solids.
    In space, no one can hear you wean.

    07 - Frank - Message in a Klein Bottle

    0QC0REMT found it in Witchspace heading away from the Milky Way. It was Voyager 1, which had been refitted with a new spacedrive and two gold discs; the original, and one with a record of events since 1977.

    A third disc was added, and the spacecraft was fitted with one of the latest Anomaly Drives that had shrunk the distances between galaxies. It was pointed at a Supercluster and dropped back into the ocean of stars.

    Maybe next time it will be found by someone completely unrelated to Earth. Or it might once again be found in Mankind's back yard.

    08 - Persona Non-Grata - Shameless Name Dropping

    Agony Aunt
    Brett C
    Ben Ryder
    Captain Kremmen
    Darren Grey
    Fenris Wolf
    Jex =TE=
    Limoncello Lizard
    Leo Sagan
    Mad Mike
    Obsidian Ant
    Red Anders
    Titus Balls
    Vindicator Jones
    Ziggy Stardust

    None of these names have anything to do with drabbles, but I'm hoping that they might vote for me as no other person seems to want to and being named in a drabble show might convince them.

    09 - insanephoton - The trouble with names.

    My name is Jon Duval, and before you ask, no, I'm not related to the Imperial family. Okay, maybe if you go back far enough, but if you go back even further you'll find that everyone is related, mitochondrial Eve and all that jazz,
    The thing is that even if I tell people, not everyone believes me. Mostly it doesn't matter, maybe the odd insult here or discount there, but sometimes it gets more serious. Right now is one of those times. I overheard some of the idiots on this station plotting to kidnap me. Time for a swift exit.

    10 - Galactic Midden - Hagrids To Retrun

    "The leaves turn, the suns burn, time touches us all before the fall". Tears threatening to drop the grey haired captain sighed. "Rest easy Hagrid To, you old *******". Dust swirled listlessly between their boots, the almost airless planet vainly trying to rid itself of its new occupant.

    In silence the six men departed, their fleeting shadows caressing the shell like structures nearby. Last week they'd been blood enemies, faction heads in a system as remote as they come, drawn to fight over an alien harvest. This week they stood together, unspoken, save for Hagrid's warning. "Shadow hidden comes unbidden".

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    Going to be a great show tonight....

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    Going to be a great show tonight....
    and it was! Even if you did ruin my drabble once again