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Thread: 2.4 The Return - Open Beta Update 3

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    2.4 The Return - Open Beta Update 3

    Greetings Commanders,

    We are in the process of rolling out beta update three for the 2.4 update, The Return.

    The keen-eyed Commanders amongst you will have noticed this update is named Beta 3, and might be wondering what happened to Beta 2. Beta 2 was an internal build reserved for any critical fixes to Beta 1, which happily we ended up not needing. As such, we're jumping straight to Beta 3!

    Here are the changes for this update.


    • Fixed System and Planetary Map surface ambiance audio not working
    • Ensured that exploration music does not play when near a Planetary Port
    • Fixed an issue where the "Shields offline" audio played after every jump when shields were turned off

    General Fixes & Tweaks

    • General localisation fixes
    • General text fixes
    • Text updated to correctly reflect how the ship re-buy penalty works

    Holo-Me Creator

    • Fixed an issue where the Holo-Me screen was not focusing on the face when editing the "Complexion" tab
    • Fixed the save prompt appearing when no changes had been made to your Commander
    • Fixed an issue whereby the 'Loading Commanders' notification would display indefinitely after changing you Commander's gender


    • Fixed issue whereby courier missions were only spawning at Elite rank
    • Fixed an issue where legal massacre missions were not displaying the mission title in the inbox message after completion
    • Incresed the time limit for long distance missions


    • Fixed an issue where the gunner role has less range when using scanners than the helm role has
    • Fixed an issue where the menu could become locked when quickly attempting to access the Mult-Crew Options (top left panel) during MultiCrew as non-helm role
    • Added a default binding for the multicrew mode switch when using the mouse and keyboard control scheme, the key is Tab
    • Fixed an issue where the holograms on a Fighter's HUD disappear during a Multi-Crew session


    • Vehicle/Fighter sub slots are no longer displayed when transferring an optional internal module from stored modules
    • Fixed an issue whereby ship kits would not preview correctly after quickly switching module slots
    • Fixed an issue whereby when purchasing one or more class 6 planetary vehicle hangers, the class was not correctly detailed for the vehicle slots contained within it
    • Fixed an issue where some ship nameplates were incorrectly displaying the ship ID


    • Exception to Pilots Federation bounty now only applies when in a system that is controlled/exploited by a power to which one of either the victim or killer is pledged (previously it applied when in a system controlled/exploited by *any* power.)

    General Ship Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue where players could not switch ships if they had drones in their ship's hold


    • Fixed a texture error that occured when the Dolphin's shields were hit when viewed from another ship


    • Rescaled the front decal so it does not cover recessed geometry


    • Fixed the smoothing groups on the sidewinder cockpit glass to improve LOD visuals when panning at close range

    Viper MkIII

    • Fixed a text decal on the rear of the Viper which was cutting through the hull geometry

    Stability Fixes

    • Fixed an audio crash
    • Fixed an issue where swapping to an newly docked fighter would disconnect you from the server
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying a Goliath Skimmer
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when following a wake scan
    • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when deploying a Fighter when in Multi-crew


    • Fixed an issue whereby selecting to transfer a module from the list of stored modules displayed an incorrect list of viable slots
    • Fixed an issue where the title of an inbox message would not fade out when the message had been read
    • Improvements made to the Outfitting Livery UI, so it no longer resets to the top of the list when moving between slots
    • Fixed some cut-off text on the 'Your Stored Ships' button within the Insurance Screen
    • Fixed some cut-off text on the Taipan Fighter's role information screen
    • Fixed an issue whereby the voice comms request icon temporarily appeared on the incorrect user in a player's friends list


    • Adjusted a variety of outfitting cameras across a range of ships to work better when using VR

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    Apologies on the delays of the patch notes posting. Busy day!

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    Your doing a windows 10

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Bug fixes are always appreciated (and kind of the whole point of a beta test!), But what I really wanted to see was:

    • Made Type 10 purchasable
    • Reinstated the space dredger magaships in Lugh and Reorte (really wanted to see those!)
    • Unleashed Thargoid invasion fleet

    Okay, I know, patience.....

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    Elite Global Moderator Ozric's Avatar
    Woohoo, keep on rolling on! Nice one team, thanks.

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    Thanks guys!!

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    Please tell me you've fixed heat cannon exploit like you promised.

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    Keep them coming, interested how PF bounties and sidewinder exploit will shake out. Seems a bit bugged atm.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Thanks Team!

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    Originally Posted by Exiton View Post (Source)
    Please tell me you've fixed heat cannon exploit like you promised.
    Changelog of previous beta release says it has been fixed, but of course field testing results would be welcome.

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    has the dolphin heat issues been fixed yet?

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    • Fixed an issue where the "Shields offline" audio played after every jump when shields were turned off
    Any chance to do this for low power as well? I often put SCB in power group 5 when they are not in use then move them to power group 3 when I need to turn them on. then I get low power warning after every high/low wake.

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    Thanks for the update to all at Frontier, will take a look this evening.

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