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Thread: HCS Voice Packs Extension (Voice Attack)

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    HCS Voice Packs Extension (Voice Attack)

    Hello, Commanders

    I decided to share my extension for HCS Voice Packs with the community

    While it's created for Verity, it will likely work fine with most of the other HCS voice packs for Elite Dangerous, considering the key input settings are the same.

    All the new commands will be added to your existing pack in Voice Attack and when you update that voice pack, my extension needs to be added again.


    Call the ship computer:
    - Computer

    Stop all currently running commands:
    - Computer stop talking
    - Stop talking
    - Verity stop talking
    - Stop all commands
    - Cancel all commands-
    - Silence!

    Ask the computer to tell you some educational facts about astronomy, space and the game's lore:
    - Tell me something interesting
    - Educate me
    - Tell me something about our galaxy
    - I want to learn something new
    - Tell some something I don't know

    Ask the computer to educate you some more:
    - Something else
    - I want to hear more

    Turn the HUD on or off:
    - Turn Off The HUD
    - Turn On The HUD

    Turn orbit lines on or off:
    - Orbit lines on
    - Orbit lines off

    Additional commands to open/hide both Galactic and System map:
    - Verity, close the Galaxy Map
    - Computer, close the Galaxy Map
    - Computer, close the map
    - Verity, close the map
    - Give me the system map
    - Computer, system map
    - Verity, system map
    - Give Me the Map
    - Verity, open the Galaxy Map
    - Computer, open the Galaxy Map
    - Computer, give me the map
    - Verity, give me the map
    - Computer, close the system map
    - Verity, close the system map


    Say to type:
    - Hello, Commander.
    - Greetings, Commander.
    - Fly safe and sound.
    - Fly safe, Commander.
    - See you later.
    - See you soon, Commander.


    1. Download the package HERE and unzip somewhere on your PC.
    2. In Voice Attack select Verity (or any other profile)
    3. Click on Edit Profile button (or press Alt+E)
    4. Click on Import Commands button.
    5. Navigate to the downloaded package and double click "Verity - Shallowgrave Extension.vap"
    6. Clik on Import button (don't unselect duplicates if you have any)
    7. Enjoy new commands in game!

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing!