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Thread: 2.4 The Return - Open Beta Update 4

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    Originally Posted by Pawel Sebastian View Post (Source)
    So this 2.4 update is about fixes only, when we see new content besides useless skins?
    If you can whine on the forums then you should at least keep up with the available info on the forums.

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    Originally Posted by Exigeous View Post (Source)
    Yes, please someone confirm this is fixed or will be - so sick of s using these things and not skipping them like the rest of the PvP community.
    Does this cover it?

    Originally Posted by Sandro Sammarco View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders!

    By the way, if anyone has a video of a ship (not generating heat via boosting, shield cells etc.) being pushed past 100% heat purely by heat weapons we'd love to see it.

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    I can almost smell them.

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    Originally Posted by RwD View Post (Source)
    I can almost smell them.
    In that case I would head to suit maintenance immediately, it sounds like you have a leak.

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    Curious is these fixes just going to be for 2.4 update. any news on previous updates ongoing fixes that are still waiting to be addressed one that pops to mind is
    Passenger Missions
    still allow you to take missions when you have not got the cabin space. !!?? annoying...

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    Thanks for all the work

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    Hmmm quick progress. I like this so far. Guess I should head out and make some more money before our friends arrive. Might be sooner than we expect.

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    No mention of the 100% crash bug at Thargoid sights (i.e. Komovoy A1) when recalling ship from SRV (for me anyway)? Non-Horizons workaround stll fixes it, but mighty frustrating!

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    The SCB activation sound...its need to be fixed before the release...

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    Keep on rolling on! Great job once again guys and girls, really nice work.

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    Hooray again for everything. \o/


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    Dang! There is SO MUCH TO TEST!

    (Sarcasm of course!)

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    Originally Posted by OldSchoolPlayer View Post (Source)
    What "AWESOME" you have found here? Are you serious?
    When i was reasing the list, I've had a feeling that it is some very bad joke!
    The overall beta of 2.4 is pointless!

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    Originally Posted by OuterGTR View Post (Source)
    Dang! There is SO MUCH TO TEST!

    (Sarcasm of course!)

    Maybe not for the haters

    to the bug forums!

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    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    Maybe not for the haters

    to the bug forums!
    You are wrong to think that I'm a hater of Elite! I'm just loosing trust to developers! They seem to be loosing love to the game!

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