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their choice was "Cliff Hanger"

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01 - RoyalHankey - Suffering A Giant Death

It was a ruddy day accentuated by the grey rain. It was hard to believe that in a few moments, I would suffer a giant death.

I was enjoying dancing blindly as Mindwipe jumped fondly, like a grubby maggot sleeping foolishly.

The Thargoid had a ruddy texture and grey mouths. It didn't look dangerous. Not even its damp hair warned me of my fate. I should have sensed the danger in its surface.

I can still vividly recall the kettle coming down on my moles like a quiet guillotine - mumble. My life slipped away.

Only dearest Mindwipe weeps for me.

02 - cleonymus - The road to the wheel - Episode 8

Commander Storm smiled as the discovery scanner whirred and burped.
A new system, a step closer.
The display flickered into life. A few planetary bodies, one lone orbital station. The on board helper read the system statistics and Storm frowned.
He flicked open the system map for confirmation.
One large Coriolis station, population one.
Ten minutes later and the docking system allocated landing pad 7.
His ship moved through the slot unscanned.
The hanger loomed large, the ground transport ring was strangely quiet.
Gear down.
Ship secure.
The comms crackled into life.
"Welcome commander, I have been waiting for you."

03 - JetsonRING - End of the Road ?

The stricken ship’s hull boomed and creaked as it twisted through space taking evasive maneuvers.
CMDR Orencia grimaced as he eyed the sensors panel, “Unknown Signature” blinked at him from the displays.
With an ear shattering BANG from the power-locker his poor ship died. No thrusters, no HUD his ship tumbled slowly, dead in space. His terror increased as cabin temperature suddenly dropped.
As his ship rotated the flower shape of a Tharg ship came into view, its “petals” unfurling as it closed on his ship. He expected the scan but instead, there followed an intense burst of energy and

04 - Simoof - Friends? I hairly knew him.

Midden had only taken it for a 1 minute test flight yet the smell of stale farts and kebabs lingered. He really was a disgusting smelly filthy vile slob.
Mr Hankey scanned the missions... damn... all words again. He preferred pictures. He randomly selected one.
A bounty! A high priced ticket. The ships integrated Wotherspoon AI read out the profile so he didn't have to.
Todd Sweeny - this charlatan had been travelling from port to port, masquerading as some sort of male groomer...
Hankey flicked through the victims pictures, he paused and retched, it was horrible, he knew this victim:

05 - Listeri69 - Aut viam inveniam aut faciam : A Tale Of Needs....

'23, 24, 25' Psykokow counted...
'You counting how many carrots you can get up ya bum again?' Simoof laughed..
'you shut ya face, we're really low on credits since we blew up in Winnard's Hole'
'I told you fart dumping was a bad idea' Simoof looked at the pathetically small pile then at the money on the table...'we just trade in algae for a bit, till things get better..'
'Basic sidewinder, no fuel scoop, no fuel, no jump... I've got 25cr, cost to fill 30cr '
'There must be something we can sell.'
Psykokow looked at Simoof... 'I've already sold it'

06 - Cmdr Pseudonym - A little less conversation....

Cmdr Skiprat had danced all night, he was trying to impress the asian accountant on D deck; Soo Doku
She'd glanced at him earlier in the night with a toothless smile, but that was before he'd worked up a whole cappuccino's worth of throf
Cmdr Skiprat moaned at the thought of a throf mustache plastered on her face.
He decided to write her a poem and slip it onto her table with a drink. Romance her
'Roses are red grass is greener, I think of you when i play with my weiner'
Will she fall for my charm? he waited...

07 - Frank - Congratulations

The pop singer was lead out in cuffs onto a street full of jeering people. As the guards pushed him forwards he tried lightening the mood by singing one of his old classics "Got myself a walkin' talkin' livin' doll..."

They yelled at him to stop singing.

It must be the choice of song. He switched over to "The Lord's Prayer" sung to tune of "Auld Lang Syne". This angered them worse.

The singer was now close to the gallows. He looked up at the ominous shape. He was being forced up the steps.

Find out tomorrow what happens next.

08 - phong - If you're happy and you know it...

The rain continued to beat down relentlessly.It had been a miserable afternoon and showed no sign of geting any better any time soon.Two paramedics made their way down to the front of the arena,on their way to attend an unhinged gentleman in the third row who had somehow managed to bite off his own ears.The restless crowd alternately cheered and booed as security staff sheepishly ushered out a sniper from the rear of the stadium.If only it would stop bloody raining,so that they could finish the match and everyone could go home.

09 - Galactic Midden - Always the same, that's not my name

Cliff hated his name. Born in a rough part of Slough he was possibly the most miserable of the Hangar family. He resented his parents Willy and Bobbie for their lack of foresight on his naming day.

Today he had to make his weekly work visit reporting in at the planetside construction yards. Oh how he hated his boss and workmates. He hated their boring repetitive insults; he hated being away from his private cabin aboard station.

'Here we go' he winced as he saw his colleagues approach.

"Dan" said the first.
"Dan" said the second.
"Dan" said the third.