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Thread: [DELAINE] Black Widow seeking CMDRs for PP, BGS & Piracy - PS4

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    [DELAINE] Black Widow seeking CMDRs for PP, BGS & Piracy - PS4

    Black Widow is a wing pledged to Archon Delaine on the PS4. If you've been yarring for the King of Pirates all by yourself on PS4, or if you've been toadying about for one of the other Powers and you've grown tired of not flying free, then check us out on Inara and click through the discord link to say hello!

    Black Widow will be coordinating with the Kumo Crew Discord community on PowerPlay and some BGS objectives. When we get our PMF into the game, our BGS efforts will be focused there.

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    We're up to 11 members (was 12, but we kicked one guy who turned out to be a jerk) and we've put in our PMF request. Hopefully we get lucky and it gets approved and inserted with the next batch of PMFs (unlikely, but fingers crossed anyway)!

    Having unlocked most of the engineers, I'm focusing on finishing the Cutter rank grind but after that I'll be getting some set group ops scheduled and pinned on our Discord, aside from the usual PP/BGS objective updates.