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I can see you haven't read any of this thread, but again this happens with stock drives with the dolphin, I haven't yet been able to replicate it in any other ship I have tested it to death - I welcome any new evidence to the contrary though but it needs to be factual and evidenced.

its not a constant issue, sometimes it flies fine, and I am well versed in the heat mechanics of high gravity worlds, its a bug as confirmed by FD linked in the first post, and linked in post #39 we have yet to see it on other ships, but that's not to say its not there, if you have any real bug reports and evidence of it happening on other ships please help the investigation rather than saying "meh its by design it happens on all ships, go test it" that just causes confusion for all involved and those investigating.

please read my posts and those of others, watch the videos fully before commenting as its rather frustrating explaining the same thing over and over again, otherwise please refrain from posting as its off topic and baiting
My Clipper when I had one use to do it at times. It wasn't all the time, but I don't have a clipper anymore. Maybe it is an intended design flaw. The Dolphin is a superb ship and maybe that is it's weakness.