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Thread: [Livestreams] Questions and Answers Thread

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    [Livestreams] Questions and Answers Thread

    Hello, everyone!

    It sometimes happens that during a livestream, our hosts aren't able to get to every question asked. As such, this thread will be updated after each Thursday's livestream, aiming to retroactively answer as many questions as we can!

    Livestreams and Links
    07/09/2017 - PS4 CQC Livestream with Ed Lewis and Lloyd Morgan-Moore.

    Upcoming Livestreams
    o7 Commanders

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    QUESTIONS FROM 07/09/2017 - PS4 CQC Livestream with Ed Lewis and Lloyd Morgan-Moore.

    1. Lloyd says he talks to a lot of people in the company and uses spreadsheets. Can he provide some more insight into what producing in the Games Industry is about?

    Production deal with lots of different things on a day to day basis so it’s difficult to really sum up what the role involves. My average day can include (but is not limited to) planning future releases, catching up with members of the team and/or leads to see what state certain features or fixes are in, reviewing and assigning out bugs, ensuring departments have the right resources available to them, liaising with QA, completing the console build submission process, maintaining my areas of bug and task databases and often producing documents to cover any areas above that need to be recorded! There are many more things besides these though, and there’s always something new coming up that needs to be dealt with.

    2. Are there any further PS4 specific tweaks coming for Elite Dangerous?

    We are always working on making the game experience as good as possible for the players and the PS4 is certainly included in this. There will be small tweaks here and there with each new update. In 2.4 we’ve given you a bit more freedom with how you use head-look with the motion sensor, for example.

    3. How does the patching process on PS4 compare to PC?

    I don’t have much experience with patching on PC, sadly, so it’s difficult for me to compare the two.

    4. Do the performance improvements seen in the PC 2.4 beta apply to consoles? Faster galaxy map for example.

    We generally try and keep things like performance improvements the same across all platforms however with the differences in tech and network conditions it’s not always possible to guarantee this.

    5. Is there any chance of us getting PSVR?

    We have nothing to announce at this point.

    6. Will the “Founder or Elite” missions ever get added back into the game?

    Nothing to talk about on this right now.

    7. Are the devs looking into the Playstation Camera for Eye Tracking at all?

    PlayStation Camera eye tracking is not currently planned however it is something that I’m aware of and I know there are some requests for this feature.

    8. Which cupboard is Michael Brookes locked in?

    We still haven’t been able to find him… he seems happy though.
    o7 Commanders