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Thread: How to Avoid Crashing into a Rotating Station when trying to get through the Letter Slot?

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    Visualize your trajectory into the slot. You are a golf ball ( no offense ) -- you want to arc in like a hole-in-one, not a putt.

    And practice.

    Good luck. It gets better.

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    Originally Posted by heretowatch View Post (Source)
    Watching that video reminded me that having the dot at the center of your windshield is very helpful when you're a beginner. I never used it though, so maybe someone can chime in here to instruct OP how to enable it?
    That is called something like Mouse Widget, it is enabled in the options controls section from the main menu and is in one of the sections right at the bottom of the list IIRC. It is apparently a favourite tool for the racing fraternity for lining up high speed slingshot approaches to stations where if you aren't going through the slot at about 350 with all the brakes on you aren't trying hard enough. Videos of their hijincks can be found in the Events section of the forums well worth a look especially at the oops ones if you like explosions.

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    > Options
    > Graphics
    > Display
    > Mouse widget

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    It's obvious why I put this here.

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    Id say that if it's spinning past you it's your approach angle that's the problem.

    Start off well away from the station...say 2km. Line yourself up squarely with the slot and aim at the centre of it. Approach at 90m/s and as you get close to entering just gently use roll in the same direction as the station is rotating to keep yourself in the same plane as the slot.

    As you practice you'll be able to reduce the distance and end up just flying in from almost any approach angle

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    Brazin, based on your post, it sounds as if you attempting your approach with flight assist off.

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    Originally Posted by Ism View Post (Source)
    Brazin, based on your post, it sounds as if you attempting your approach with flight assist off.
    Yes, for the love of all that you hold dear don't try to dock with a station with Flight Assist off. Unless your name is Isinona of course, but that is highly unlikely!

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    Also some tricks to find the side where the mailslot is:
    A coriolis station has only two sides with rotate around themselves. The one with the slot has white lights on the edges, the "wrong" one has red lights on the edges. Sometimes they are not easy to see, but they are there.

    The slot-side most of the time points towards the object the station orbits.

    The holo image of the station in your cockpits has arrows on it which point you to the slot, given you asked for landing permission.

    For landing there's lots of advice here. I think the one mistake many make when they start playing, is to fly to close to the station before they align to the slot. Cycle the station at some range until you find the slot, then align until you fly directly at the slot, which then should only rotate around itself. Keep your speed at, let's say 50 or so. And should you not still sit in a very small ship, only use rotate correct the stations rotation. That's basically it.

    Also: your ship is most agile when your speed is in the blue sector of your speedometer.

    From what you write in your post, bouncing off and so on, that sounds a bit weird to be honest. Are you sure you didn't accidentally turn off flight assist? There is a red indicator in the upper right corner when it's off. Without flight assist you need to correct every movement of you ship, which comes in handy in some situations and there are people who fly without FA, but it's hard and not recommended for new players. There's a keybind for turning it off and on. Better check.

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    Originally Posted by Rob_the_Sparky View Post (Source)
    Honestly, it may not feel like it now but you don't have to match the rotation in a smaller ship, it will fit through at any angle! I would recommend getting you self lined up with the slot a little distance away then fly in straight. You then only have to worry about rotation to get in as direction is already sorted. The key bit though is not to hit the toast rack (wire frame thing just before the mail slot) as it is easy to get hung up on this.
    Although smaller ships will fit through the mail slot at any angle, and this is true, when you are "first" learning to dock, you should always, always, regardless of ship size, try hard to maintain a straight, level, and slow flight path, and "learn" to enter it squarely, a bit to the right (green light side) while countering the slight rotation of the station as you enter.

    I would not get into a bad habit of depending on ship size to decide how to enter a station. Treat all ships as if they were large, and always enter the same way every time. If you nail this in a small ship, then it won't be so hard when you get that Anaconda, which is the most difficult to land without a DC, and even with a DC, is problematic.

    For the OP, there may also be times when you make it into the station, only to find you missed and overshot your landing pad. If you find yourself in this position, try to turn around without crashing into the station or others, and go back out before the timer finishes it's countdown, and cancel the landing request once your safely outside. Then do another request and try again. It's not worth the effort to try flying around in the station to get to your pad, and then turning around in there. Most of the time in this situation, you will violate someone elses landing rights and the station will destroy you for loitering or trespass.

    Just Newbie Advice.

    Be well.

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    As previously stated, practice. But even more important than that: Don't let this little hiccup discourage you from playing. There is a handful of confusing (and at times, overwhelming) things to get used to in this game. There aren't always awesome tutorials for everything there is to learn, even basics. HOWEVER, once you get past those, this is by far the best game I've ever played, and if you ever need help, almost anyone on this forum site is always willing to help you.

    Fly safe, CMDR. And welcome to ED!

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