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I think me and Rinzler made this one popular but its worth pointing out that the dropship for me at least suits my flight style. I prefer to be the space tank or the bullet sponge for a team while being able to dish out some damage, for me also I use my dropship to disable instead of outright kill. I have some videos uploading I will link here soon and you will be able to see.
Ya, I've watched both of you using the dropship. That's what got me curious about it. I gotta be honest, I hated that thing the couple times I tried it out and couldn't figure out why you guys were using it.

But I did a lot of fiddling with it today. I engineered the hrp's and got just 4041 for integrity. Then I pulled engineered parts off my other ships. With engineered parts it's really starting to grow on me. I've been going back and forth between this and my fas today with the same loadout. I think I actually prefer the dropship. I would have glossed over this ship if you guys didn't post videos using it.

Here's my loadout if anyone has a critique. I do mostly pve but I play with a pvp loadout just so I can become more proficient with it.

3c gimbaled multi g5 oc with corrosive
4x 2c plasmas all g5 efficient 1 dispersal, 1
dazzle, 2 target breaker
4x g5 resistance aug boosters (sometimes a
kws is in there)
Lightweight hull g5 heavy duty armor
6a powerplant g1 oc
6a thrusters g5 dd
5a fsd g5 increased range
5d life support
6a distro g5 charge enhanced
4a sensors
6c bi-weave g5 thermal
All the rest are d rated hrp's with g5 heavy duty reinforcement and a 4d module reinforcement.