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Thread: If there was one small QOL thing they could put in for 2.4, what would it be?

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    If there was one small QOL thing they could put in for 2.4, what would it be?

    I'll start;

    Being able to eject materials and data (in the form of data caches) so that other players can pick them up.

    (Try to keep it to a single line/sentence and if no-one minds I'd like to use some of these on my next top shift.)

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    Planetary bookmarks/waypoints that you can easily navigate to from orbital cruise.

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    Larger data and material storage.

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    - Additional information about ship orientation ship while landing on a station pad. (simillar to planetary landings)
    - Make the ships sensor display adjust for in-station flying (close-in 360 view) , so i don't crush the sidewinder who is coming up behind me..
    - Make the external key the same fgor SRV and ship (why is this a different key to begin with!!)

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    Ability to organise bookmarks (including planetary surface bookmarks) into categories/folders and select which categories to display on galaxy map and/or in navigation panel.

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    fix the god dam dolphin

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    I know you said one but here's some spares in case you don't get many responses ...

    - multi-stage route plotting in the galaxy map

    - ability to put an entire load-out (i.e. a selection of your current modules and internals) into storage and name it (e.g. "Mining loadout", "Bounty hunting CG loadout", etc).

    - display the label you've given to a bookmark when you hover its icon on the galaxy map

    - organise friends lists into sub-folders/categories (e.g. "Buckyball Racers", "Fuel Rats", "Rescuees", "Unsolicted friend requests", etc

    - ability to use headlook to hold missile lock on a target so you can fire missiles where you're looking in the same way you can in Eve Valkyrie

    - ability to be able to dump fuel in 10% increments (to reduce weight and extend jump range)

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    Originally Posted by TopCat160 View Post (Source)
    Planetary bookmarks/waypoints that you can easily navigate to from orbital cruise.
    So much this.

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    A small box, with a massive hard drive full of huge Quality of life/core updates on it.

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    HUD Coloring in the Livery menu.

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    A real one though, is the ability to filter for more than one thing at the same time on the galaxy map.

    I want to be able to search for systems that have a white dwarf, have a federation government, and are at war, or civil war.

    In order to do that currently, you have to filter for white dwarves, write them all down, then filter for federation government, write those down, filter for war, write those down, then filter for civil war, write those down, and then correlate them all until you find one that fit's, which you might not in the area you could be bothered to write everything down for.

    Multiple simultaneous filters would be sweet.

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    1. Independent controls for individual module state (activate, deactivate), or the ability to create those bindings. Working out the algorithms for my switch panel macros is giving me a headache

    2. Official API documentation.

    3. Ability to disable ship model (Both as framerate boost and for simpits)

    4. Way to retrieve critical data from game (for use on external/secondary displays

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    Color hud options for consoles.
    If I could choose a second it would be class 3 and 4 rail guns.

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    Fix the ship location markers. Or remove them, as they're always wrong anyway.

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    More space for Materials and Data is one of my current banes.

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