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Thread: Playing Skyrim as a wizard.

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    I should tell you, the mod is totally customisable. You can have it just for the aesthetic if you like. Very well made.
    That is good to know, I was looking at it last night, seems like it's very popular. I came across one mod I thought you would be interested in, Ultimate HD Fire, should make fire spells look a lot better as well as camp fires, fire pits in taverns and so on.

    So far I am only running graphics mods, weather mods and texture mods (for both scenery and characters), some other tweeks and the Paarthurnax dilemma mod fix.

    Natural Eyes
    Apachi Sky Hair
    Divine Skin
    Adorable Females

    Better Overworld map- Stone Roads
    Fully voiced Sofia- funny follower

    Cities of Skyrim Retexture
    Graphics Overhaul pt 1
    Lush Overhaul
    Realistic Water 2
    Climates of Tamriel
    Static Mesh mod- better textures

    No issues, or frame drops with this load order

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    Dual wielding assassin.
    No matter what I try I always end up as a backstabbing in the shadows.

    A few armor mods, Princes of the Woods armor, some texture mods and vegetation mods, and very nice ENB.

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    I haven't played in forever, but I had so many mods installed that when I got my new computer a year ago, I never went back to try and get the game to start working again. But with it I was a werewolf version of a sith lord pretty much. Played that game a hell of a lot, tested out so many mods and kept only the best (which still added up to like 50) and never even finished the game. I should go back one of these days to see if I can get it working again. I do miss it from time to time...

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    Originally Posted by Insomnia View Post (Source)
    Dual wielding assassin.
    No matter what I try I always end up as a backstabbing in the shadows.

    A few armor mods, Princes of the Woods armor, some texture mods and vegetation mods, and very nice ENB.
    This is what I'm leaning towards, started off my game by grabbing two iron daggers and dual wielding, taking out Storm Cloaks, going to level up archery and stealth first The even have a mod that puts scopes on your Bow, didn't try that one out yet. I might have to start a second game as a mage though, the new spell mods are so tempting.

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    Last play through I tried out a short sword and big shield Leigionnaire, focused on shield fighting.
    I did a Mohawked savage, with tomahawks and herbs/poisons which looked excellent. Used a Humans Drop Human Parts mod to get hearts for poisons. Added a bow later on.

    My favorite little mod is All Dogs are German Shepherds. Skyrim is amazing still.

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    This is one of my favourite Let's Plays video's for a mage build play-through of Skyrim:

    There might be some tips in the first video for char creation that might be handy?

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    Just a warning to anyone using mods, I had to uninstall Open Cities last night because it was causing my game to crash in Riften. The game played fine everywhere I traveled on the Map, had the occasional crash but nothing bad until I got to Riften, then it was unplayable, crashing ever 30 secs. Great mod but too unstable, it had to go. If you have Open Cities installed there is a very specific process to uninstalling it that you should follow.

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    The good news is that SKSE for the Skyrim Special Edition is now in alpha. Once that's fully working a whole ton of mods should start working with the special edition (including SkyUI and all the mods that rely on that).

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    Sneaky Khajiit who likes to backstab.

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    For my skyrim character, I originally started out maxing out smithing-armor-arms, then bows and shield. I usually did mage, but the crafting bug hooked me early on. Then by the time main quest was over and beyond, character was maxed out using 100+ mod and a gamut of other player mods, some of which became cheat items. So my character was wearing the extra cloth slots to enchant and alchemical mix hundreds of % past the vanilla settings and had so much armor mod and regenerating health and stamina so fast with the athletics mod, was almost undying except for long falls. So I guess he never became a full mage. Still missing a few of the magic perks,although got many of the useful ones, plus cheat mods to add more perks etc. Havent finished Dragonborn or Dawnguard yet, maybe got due to getting tired of the game. Been a long time since I played it.

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    Max Stealth Thief / Archer

    When you want to show someone how much you really care, from 200 feet away.

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    Melee combat never held my interest in Skyrim. I tried it out several times but even tho its effective it never "clicked" for me. Magic all the way, DoT and pet magic to be specific. Always has been the case for me

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