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Thread: [Holo-Me] was the "adjustments-not-saved bug" still present in the 2.4 beta?

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    [Holo-Me] was the "adjustments-not-saved bug" still present in the 2.4 beta?

    Unortunately, I couldn't participate in the beta due to real life reasons (vacation).

    Additionally, I just realized yesterday that a bug (in 2.3) I initially found negligible is not limited to what I thought it would be.

    The bug:
    In my Holo-Me representation, adjustments to the facial symetry are not saved. The symetry setting is always reverted to "assymetry 01" (or however it is named; I can't look it up at the moment). Changing it to "no assymetry" will not be saved. This, while annoying, I could live with.

    Unfortunately, the bug extends to eye color as well, as I just found out yesterday.
    In the Holo-Me window, the dual eye coloring isn't so much visible with the color I use. In the station menu representation however, it is - but I always thought, this would be a display issue with the Rift's low resolution.
    Well, it isn't. I finally had a look into the eye color settings and found, that matching eye color isn't saved as well! For some reason, I find this issue way more bothering than the general face assymetry issue.

    So, my two questions are:

    1. Is it just my hologram that doesn't save the settings correctly? Might it be correlated to a certain head shape/hair color or whatsoever? Or is this a common issue?

    2. If it is a common issue - was it fixed in 2.4 or should I create a bug report? (As the 2.4 bug section is closed, I might have to wait until 2.4 was launched, though.)

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    Nobody knows?

    Let me widen the question then:
    Has anybody the same issue at all?
    Is it a so well known bug that mentioning is not worth it?
    Or does it work fine for everybody but me?