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Thread: Anaconda as exploration ship

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    @ Bigbudds question on reparing hull:

    Repair limpets. Not worth it in my honest opinion. Once you have equipped a cargo bay and repair limpets to put into the cargo bay then install the limpet controller to fire off said limpet to administer limited hull repair to your ship you have added at least 10t to your mass and have exponentially reduced your range. Plus they still cannot repair power plant. Once that badger has gone it's time to reach For the suicide pills.

    No thank you personally.

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    Originally Posted by Cdr Voorheez View Post (Source)
    Yeah DBE is ok range wise but its still a cramped shoebox of a ship with crappy internals. Like I say Annie is the exploration king on range, size and internal capacity she FEELS like an exploration ship. The DBE feels like the lifeboat from the Alien Movie.

    But then again DBE is unashamedly a budget end exploration ship. Its advertised as such ergo it will naturally always feel a bit crappy. It's a ship I find very hard to love and trust me I've been to SagA* and back in a DBE 4 times.

    I suppose if you want a cheap exploration ship then yeah go DBE. But weren't we discussing the Anaconda? Yep back on topic....

    Preference and individual sentiment of course.
    The last sentence sums it up for me.

    I have an Anaconda, AspX and DBX all fully optimized for exploration. Of the 3, I prefer the DBX. Weighing the pros and cons of each, the DBX just comes out ahead purely due to personal preference.

    I'm coming back from Beagle right now in mine, after exploring the left side of the galaxy. It's just as much of a joy to fly as when I started.

    Back on topic...

    Obviously, the Ana is an amazing exploration vessel - probably the best overall according to most people.

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    It's really up to the pilot.

    I personally LOVE the Anaconda for exploration. I wouldn't leave home without it, so my answer will be biased.

    Lots of room for lots of equipment.

    I don't mind nor care about the supercruise manoeuvrability - in fact I relish it.

    She's a submarine-in-space - again something I absolutely love.

    I actually love her looks.

    You can play tennis on her bridge

    Properly fitted out (Grade 5 Dirty Drive Tuning, Charge Enhanced Powerplant for example), she's actually pretty nippy when flying low on planet surfaces. Video title is meant to be dryly ironic ...

    ​I like this ship!

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    I'm in a solid gold Anaconda. it handles poorly in supercruise, but at least I'm not in a DBE like some peasant.

    In between plotting routes, I head to the lower decks to enjoy my enormous hot tub, full bar, and enormous tv.

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    I have 2 exploration ships and one being the Anaconda. I use that one mainly for my Bubble to Colonia fast transport shuttle ship. As others mentioned, the turn rate kind of sucks if you're prepping it for long range. But for speed wise zipping through the galaxy, it's great for that. But I prefer my AspX for actually scanning and deep space exploration and planetary landings and photo shoots, etc

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    Originally Posted by rOmiLaYu View Post (Source)
    I've put 60K+ in exploration Anaconda. My biggest complaint is the slow pitch rate. Yaw and rotation are fine...but RNGsus forbid you overshoot the target and that loop of shame takes a long time. I just recently left my Anaconda parked up at Colonia Dream suicidewindered back to the bubble to take my AspEx out. Two days of being back in the AspEx feels like I've dumped the garbage scow and picked up a Ferrari.
    The Anaconda can fit a fighter hangar, also...there's that to keep in mind for canyon flying or general toodling about that your main ship either won't or can't fit into.
    Stop doing a full loop and do a high yo-yo instead. Works for me and saves several seconds . . . o7

    Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post (Source)
    3 reasons.

    Right. And while you're busy scooping fuel with the DBX's tiny fuel scoop I have made three jumps in my Anaconda o7.

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    Conda is a great ship for explore and long jump range. The mine is full accessories and 63.74Ly. But I like my smaller Diamond Explorer with 57Ly. I can landind in any place, the Conda can't do that.

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    Originally Posted by Cknarf View Post (Source)
    I'm in a solid gold Anaconda. it handles poorly in supercruise, but at least I'm not in a DBE like some peasant.

    In between plotting routes, I head to the lower decks to enjoy my enormous hot tub, full bar, and enormous tv.
    God I love this reply. Repped

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