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Thread: Trying to Love it

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    Trying to Love it

    As a newb to the game (but played on the BBCb many moons ago), I am enjoying the game but the lack of help within the game and tutorials is disappointing. So far these threads have been a godsend already - thanks to you all.

    One thing having a problem with though, can I only jump within the range of the FSD - the 6.9LY? If I try to plot a course beyond this range if says immediately route plotting failed. I was kinda hoping that it would be able to plot a course with refueling??

    Thanks and look forward to meeting you all out there.

    Bambi Plopper

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    Welcome home Commander!

    Euphoric for your return and thank you for contributing to Elite. Please check the map settings in the bottom left area, change filter to economical. If you downgrade life-support, scanner and thruster modules to 'd' rank, your jump range will increase. Thankfully Dangerous is shaping up to be the signature Elite in the making and rightfully pays plenty homage to the originals beyond just game-play and aesthetics. Fly safe, fly dangerous and good luck with cosmic reminiscing. The Galactic AcademyMentors will set you up for initial play-through and beyond. The single best recommendation is to seriously take your time and experiment before you commit or switch between game-mode and play style. Don’t be afraid of a do-over or two and if needs be ‘clear your save’ can be found in-game under options menu. Swiftpoint Z - Gaming Mouse Evolution - Video, The most awesome gamepad software ever: Padstarr, Grifta Morphing Gamepad, TobiiEyeX Controller, ECHOTalkative AI, Gaming Music Packs, VoiceAttack with HCSVoicepacks are highly commended for substantially boosting game-play and more. Have fun acclimating, play-testing and configuring your control schemes to benefit you specifically long-term while you carry on with all-out rekindling celestial adventures. The secret to piloting is persistence with mastering: sweet-spot manoeuvrability, ship power distribution, silent running mechanics and flight assist deployment. Uncle Art Music, ED Shipyard, ED-Blog, Lave Radio, Fireytoad, Kerrash Landing, Drew Wagar's Blog, Alec-s-best-of-the-forum and the additional links below are truly recommended. Take care and Elite!

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    Welcome Cmdr. Stay frosty out there.....


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Have fun.