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Thread: Did the Chinese break the laws of physics? (EmDrive)

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    Did the Chinese break the laws of physics? (EmDrive)

    Some links:

    The Chinese reckon that they have (or shortly will have) a working "reactionless" drive, which should violate the laws of physics as we know them. Unsurprisingly, they aren't letting on how it works.

    So, what's the opinion of our learned forum goers? Truth or spin or something else?

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    Imagination in full swing ;-)

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    Well, we just need to wait and see, I've seen ...more likely heard of such devices before, only to be disappointed.

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    Nasa already confirmed its working a bit ago.

    As for breaking Physics.
    It just means there is something we dont know yet.
    And given that we found out Gravity can Bend Light. Its not really new info that some of the Laws we worked by might need to be overhauled.

    Bigger Question is how useful the Technology is.
    The Thrust created is very small and needs alot of Energy.
    And for anything out of our Solar System the Solar Sails idea will not work.
    So Fuel is not off the table.

    Moreover even assuming we get it to work on a Spaceship sized Object.
    We dont know yet how things will be affected by the high speed.

    But it is clearly a good thing they work on it.
    We need Technology to get around this Galaxy ^^
    Support Software for our Ship Computers. Stop the 2 Ton heavy WW2 Computers.

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