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Thread: Engineering iCourier

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    Originally Posted by MegaFluffyMoose View Post (Source)
    Mine will be mainly fosuced on PVE. How effective is Scramble spectrum and emissive munitions on the AI ? I can see them being very effective for pvp but everyone knows the AI hacks the game.

    I like the sound of a HRP so I will be throwing one on when I locate one. I can tell that building this into a death machine is going to come down to a RNG numbers game.
    Emissive munitions helps against the heatsink dropping enemies you find in combat zones, although I personally stopped using them as I find a pair of manually aimed railguns are just as good.

    Scramble Spectrum works fine and will make noticable malfunctions like engine failures (ships will tumble around), but it's too unreliable/random for my taste.

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    Originally Posted by Tassier View Post (Source)
    You can use three medium plasma on a 3a distributor - it's what I have on my build linked above, makes for crazy fun
    Right, so you can. Why not two Plasma and 1 Rail at that point?

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