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Thread: Livestream - Thargoid Lore Run Through 14/09 7PM BST

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    Livestream - Thargoid Lore Run Through 14/09 7PM BST

    Hi everyone,

    Tomorrow night on the stream I'll be joined by Sandro Sammarco at 7PM BST to run through the official Thargoid Lore and have a good ol' chat about Elite Dangerous.

    Hopefully we'll be able to sneak in a couple of questions to Sandy from the live chat, too!

    See you tomorrow at 7PM BST -

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    Hooray for everything \o/


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    So what about the announcement of the release date of 2.4?

    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    In the stream next week on Thursday 14 September at 7PM BST, we’ll be bringing on our developers for a lore livestream where we’ll discuss some of the story in preparation for 2.4 so that you're ready for when the update comes. We’ll also be giving more information about the launch of 2.4 The Return, and a date of when you can expect to be exploring the content for yourself!
    For those who already read everything about the Thargoid lore, what else is new?

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    Looking forward to it!

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    See you tomorrow !

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    so that's 18:00 Game time - Dammit - my brain now only understands UTC!

    Looking forward to it! o7

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    Alarm clock set,

    notepad at the ready. Looking forward to it! :-)

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    Originally Posted by Flimley View Post (Source)
    Hooray for everything \o/

    Everything is OK.

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    Looking forward to this one ..

    (maybe you'll convince me, maybe - I don't believe in aliens)

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    My Questions for tomorrows livestream:

    I wont be able to watch tomorrow due pain in the buttocks RL stuff so my questions:

    Will we get a look at the T-10 and can we know the cost of it?

    Will anti-tharg weapons have any utility beyond Thargoids i.e. if I have a pulse laser (for example) modded to shoot thargoids will it still work PVE or PVP on human ships?

    Will the SRV come equipped with corrosion resistant racks? Handy if we're going inside Thargoid structures for the materials for new weaponry.

    Building the new weapons/utilities: will these use current engineers or will they be purchasable on completion of a CG or several or will we have a whole new mechanic for obtaining them?

    Will we ever get a medium Imperial combat ship that is SLF capable? If so how soon (TM) on a scale of very soon to 'it's on the list'

    Can we modify HRP's at some point in future

    Have Thargoids been hibernating deep in these planets forcing along their own evolution?

    Thanks and looking forward to catching up with the vid on Friday!

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    Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post (Source)
    For those who already read everything about the Thargoid lore, what else is new?
    That's exactly where the stream is about, just watch it and maybe you'll find out.

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    YAY \o/

    Release date incoming too, then !

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    Q: Will there be a written break down of what Thargoid Lore is Lore after this livestream?
    Q: Will Thargoid ships have cockpit cupholders for amonia based beverages?
    Q: Will the Alliance ever have ranked based progression? If so will there also be an Alliance based rank locked ship/ships eg. The Wombat, Mugwump or Bandersnatch?
    Q: Will there be Thargoid themed DLC on the Frontier store for our cockpit adornment? Flower Ship bobble head? Ed Lewis Chestburster Bobblehead?
    Q: Will the Thargoids be programmed to favour killing players that have crossed Ed Lewis in any lunchtime livestream over all others? ;-)
    Q: Is there a Thargoid equivalent of a Space Loach?
    Q: Will Thargoid ships have names? Both for ship type as well as unique ship names? eg.. Thargoid Scout ship named 'Rancourous Quadroped' or 'Click, click, skrrttt, wurgle'
    Q: Will Thargoids communicate via chat like NPC's eg. "Look at all those tasty humans", "The pheromones where right! Good thing I got to you first!"
    Q: Will Thargoids be doing any more morse code/nonogram/embeddded audio file shinanegans or just unleashing corrosive death on all they encounter?
    Q: If the answer above is depends, what current in ship toolset wil non violent interactions utilise?
    Q: If Adam Woods is in a T9 transporting his cargo for a juicy profit, but realises there is a Thargoid incursion in the nearby system, could he request a ship transfer whilst in flight so his trusty T10 will be waiting for him when he docks?
    Q: Space Whales? Any news on when they will appear in game?
    Q: Cockpit cupholders and DLC beverages, any idea when they will appear in game?
    Q: Will you be demonstrating any of the haute couture that the new Holo-Me will allow us to throw money at?
    Q: Do Thargoid ships have an equivalent to FA Off, Pips to SYS/WEP/ENG?
    Q: Do Thargoids have the equivalent to the Panther Clipper?
    Q: Can we create a Thargoid CMDR instead?
    Q: Are there such things as Oresians and Klaxions? And if so can the names be modernised to something a bit more head-bitey-offy-scary?
    Q: Any Guardian stuff included in the 2.4 update?
    Q: What is the advert of the human faced android all about?
    Q: Did you read all of these or skip on to someone's more worthy post?

    Ta muchly for any info on the night!

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    How much Thargoid material should I be gathering in preparation?

    Wouldn't this be more visible as a sticky in the general discussion?

    Will we ever be able to steal/obtain a Thargoid ship of our own?

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