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Thread: How the hell do you fly your ship down to a planet surface to specific coordinates?

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    How the hell do you fly your ship down to a planet surface to specific coordinates?

    How the hell do you fly your ship down to a planet surface to specific coordinates? Like barnacles?
    Struggling with this...have the coordinates but how do you get the right path?
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    And on low throttle in orbital cruise and a very steep and short glide.

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    Oh boy did I struggle with this the first time. The link UselessThing has provided is the way to go, unless you really want to do it the slow way.

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    More like UseFULL thing, amirite? Guys? Geddit?

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    The simplest way is to fix one at a time by flying on 0/90/180/270 degree headings. But it's quicker if you can visualise it....

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    Double post, sorry.

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    Just match the targets coords with yours... It's pretty simple. If it's an already discovered POI you can find pics and use landmarks.

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    I did this just a couple of hours ago. It's pretty simple; fly north/south until you're at the right latitude then fly east/west until you're at the right longitude. You can look at the progression of the lat. or long. to see if you're travelling in the right direction.

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    Don't let them belittle you, it's Not 'Simple' it takes a lot of getting used to. The approach is key.

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    You could also add your voice to this thread where we're asking for an in-game bearing utility (FD are being remarkably silent on the subject, though).
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    Tediously, OP.

    But here's how to make it easy.... you need to just pay attention to your four main compass points - 90, 180, 270, 360/0.

    Don't use the lat/lon numbers tro try to navigate, use those compass headings to navigate to the lat/lon numbers that you want. Do that and you'll have it down in no time.

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    while in orbital cruise, use the compass and the lat/long readout to get close enough to your target, drop down with the steepest glide you can, and chain boost the rest of the way once done with glide, still using the compass.

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    Learn to navigate like a 16th century sailor and you'll be fine.

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    Watch Massive D's video for cords

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