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Thread: Can we just turn CQC off now?

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    No Dinnae turn it off, as Ian Doncaster (who is something of a luminary) said it needs too many player to be viable in its current format. There has been repeated calls for CQC to have bots make up the numbers. I think with instant matchmaking, and unleashing Sarah Jane Avery to produce hard as nails bots with access to some of the CQC rank locked toys CQC could be a proper lively thing. Just imagine the dreaded 2.1 beta AI, take that as a starting point and make it nastier rather than nerf it like happened when 2.1 hit with everyone crying on the forum about how the NPC's were over powered and too hard. Heck give SJA sufficient freedom and CQC could be the "Dangerous" part of Elite:DANGEROUS. We could even get CQC offline mode for some mindless pew pew against only hard as nails bots

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    excellent suggestion

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    Make it an in universe sport that is advertised, add bots, give better rewards, and be able to access it thru the starports with the ability to spectate. I think that would help too.

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    Wanna hear something sad? I have a total of 1 match played only I didn't get to play it. The search took so long I got up to go do something and by the time i returned I was at the post match screen. I never bothered to search again.

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    But, but I am 85% to Hero....

    then Legendary, then Elite...

    bots just get so, so predicable...

    scan ya for cargo, see none, then it turns and exposes a tail feather for raking fire.... and thats just in a RES
    Not once have I seen a bot be wary, sorry, NPC. The ambush USS is a right step in the direction...
    How about bringing back the long wing and instances of veteran and above sidewinders and eagles to ravage systems
    How about pairs of Vipers and FDLs targeting ultra rich traders or winged interdictions of NPCs instead of chained interdictions... actually I kinda like those, can make a dull evening of trade run missions ... interesting.

    Not once have I seen any NPC as creative at adaptive tactics as anyone of the CQC pilots I've have had the pleasure to match and have a gentlemanly exchange of bullets with. And yeah, there are days when I don't match and the lobby is bare. But come Sunday morning...

    Its Just Not the Same.

    There aren't even any rngesused engineered modules in CQC. I get hammered by veterans and neophytes alike, just wish I dena have a time difference.

    *disappears under a lampshade

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    Originally Posted by Tom Melegaris View Post (Source)
    bots just get so, so predicable...
    Not if they're done right.
    and they would add so much to the game. Basically the ability to play CQC, rather than spending half the night staring at a matchmaking screen.

    Bots + the ability to queue up for a match while playing the the main game would be huge.
    What do explorers want?
    An improved scanner suite like these! (compliments of CMDR ToCoSo)

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