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Thread: My cousin's feature film.

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    My cousin's feature film.

    Hello folks

    I just wanted to mention a feature film my cousin Cris Jones wrote and directed recently.
    It's called 'The Death And Life Of Otto Bloom' and is a fascinating study on life, death, perception, causality and time. It opened the Melbourne International Film Festival in Australia last year, then had a smallish general release in Australia.
    I think it may also have had limited release in other parts of the world over the 12 months. And it's done very well at festivals too.
    It is out now on Bluray/DVD (But only region 4 I think) and may also be streamable globally.
    It's not your bog standard mainstream picture. It's documentary-style and cerebral but quirky, and it also has a huge heart.

    I just want to mention it because we found out a few days ago that my dear cousin Cris was found dead in his home in Melbourne last week.
    He was 37 years old.

    We are all devastated. He was a brother to me.

    I would just really love it if more people could see this film. A film which now has an additional tragic layer of poignancy due to his death.
    He poured his heart and soul into it. And part of the making of it was working through issues associated with the sad death of his father a few years before.
    I should say it's not a gloomy, maudlin film!! It's eccentric and fascinating! And, along with the short films he made, it kind of forms his legacy. And it would just be great if more people could see it.

    So if it crosses any of your radars, and it's the kind of thing you even vaguely suspect you might be interested in, please give it a watch.
    Like everything that poured out of the strange 'physicist-philosopher-artist' mind of my cousin, it will make your brain and heart tingle!

    For my beautiful cousin Cris.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. I've just seen the trailer, looks very very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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    Sorry to hear that, will look out for it, peace!

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    Every man has the right to rest in peace. My condolences

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    I'll definitely watch out for it, independent film is the BEST.

    But 37 is far, far too young. Thoughts to you and your family Commander. o7

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    Deeply saddened to hear the last part of your post Commander. I'll look out for the film.

    Take care.

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    Thanks everyone.
    I appreciate your responses.

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    sad news ...

    the film looks indeed interesting but isn't available in my region, nor the usual sources. but it looks exactly the kind of movies i like best. i've added it to my tracking list, thanks for the heads up.
    there's also little info on him or his work online (there's a nice interview about the film). if you desire to uphold his legacy maybe setting up a memorial page or adding an entry to wikipedia might be a good idea.