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Thread: 2.4 / Thargoid FAQ

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    2.4 / Thargoid FAQ

    Answers questions about anything 2.4 related - also there is a timeline for 2.4 in post #2:

    INRA Bases

    INRA were the shady organisation who in previous games went up against the Thargoids using the Mycoid virus to attack them. They also attempted to gain access to the superior Thargoid technologies (e.g. ECM comes from thargoid tech)

    • #1 Hollis Gateway : Hermitage 4a (-53.75, 157.61) Found by: site 2 message
    • #2 Stuart Retreat : HIP 15329 A 3c (-62.61, -44.26) Found by: site 1 message
    • #3 Klatt Enterprises : Alnath A 2aa (4.0186, 133.5426) Found by: site 2 message
    • #4 Mayes Chemical Plant : HIP 59382 1b (11.41, 177.06) Found by: site 3 message
    • #5 Hogan Depot : HIP 7158 A 2b (-44.63, -63.78) Found by: site 4 message
    • #6 Velasquez Medical Research Center : LP 389-95 7 (57.96, 50.03) Found by: site 5 message
    • #7 Almeida Landing : Conn A 3a (73.38, 102.37) Found by UCB Teegarden's Star 2
    • #8 Carmichael Point : HIP 16824 A 2f (73.87, 61.87) Found by UCB HR 1188 A 2
    • #9 Stack : HIP 12099 1a (-72.62, -67.52) : Found by UCB HIP 8887
    • COBRA JJ-386 : HIP 12099 1b (-54.36, -50.36) found by: near site 9?
    • #10 Taylor Keep : 12 Trianguli Planet A 1 (-51.57, 130.6) Found by UCB Ain 2

    Where can I find Thargoids?

    Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) in area around Merope. They appear at random, often when flying between or around planets. They do not appear to be localisd to particular panets within a system. You will encounter 1 or more thargoids (normally 1 in an NHSS). Deploying weapons / approaching is not advised, be prepared to run. Normally the Thargoid will come over and scan you at around 350m, once this is done it is best to reverse away to 500m, or the Thargoid will get annoyed. Scan the Thargoid with your Xeno Scanner while it is scanning you. Don't get too close to any canisters that are around as the Thargoid will probably want to collect them, and being too close can cause it to go aggressive. Cyclops appear in NHSS5 (within 149 Ly around Merope), Basilisk appear in NHSS6 (41 Ly around Merope), Medusa appear in NHSS7 (34 Ly around Merope). There is a map showing systems where they have been found.

    You can also get Hyperdicted (pulled out of hyperspace) by Thargoids - especially within 150Ly of Merope but also towards Sol. In this case there may be between one and four Thargoids, and they will probably try and disable you (an Anti-EMP device can be handy).

    Finally when you visit a wrecked mega-ship or a Distress Call there may be a Thargoid in the area collecting stuff.

    Guide to fighting (from GluttonyFang):

    NHSS Threat Types

    Type 2, 5, 6 and 7 - 2 contain Thargoid Sensors. 5 are Cyclops (green - easiest) type, 6 are Basilisk (red - harder types) type- 7 contain Medua Interceptors (hardest). All can be empty, or contain solitary Thargoid sensor (TS) or Thargoid Probe (TP). If you scoop these a Thargoid will often appear, and want them back.
    info about encounters. Threat 2 appears to be a source of UP (Unknown Probe) / TP (Thargoid Probe) and are found close to Ammonia Worlds. Type 2 are rare(r).

    Classifying Thargoids

    Station Attacks

    Thargoids have started attacking stations. This results in damage to the stations, disables some station facilities, and changes the missions. Stations also get different visuals and voice acting - worth a look. When a station is attacked a Rescue Megaship appears nearby. These Megaships will often have passenger cabins available. Ships that were in the station are still there, and can be transferred out. The Megaships only have one large dock, so queuing is usual if playing in open. The inside of the attacked stations are hot and you will take heat damage, many pack heatsinks.

    There are missions available:
    • Passenger Evacuation missions from the station - lots, low pay, passengers get annoyed if you are not fast. Economy cabins required.
    • Salvage missions available from Rescue Megaship - lots, but salvagable goods not always available from the attacked stations. If you know of nearby attacked megaships they may be better sources of goods.
    • You can also supply Medicines (Basic and Advanced) to the station as they are in demand

    There is an option to show Attacked stations on the Galaxy Map - look at the last tab on the left. It is disabled by default.

    After a week the attacked stations switch to a 'repairing' state, and have a list of cargo they want you to ship (the set of materials for all repairing stations is available in Galnet). Station repair is a large undertaking - none have been successfully repaired so far.


    T10 is now available from Alliance Hi Tech systems (eddb). 120k CR


    ** Remember modules can go out of stock **

    There is a Research Limpet to collect samples from Thargoids - available from Founders World in Shinrarta Dezhra, also Brestla 'at the surface port', Schlegel Keep in LHS 3980, Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility in Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 (closest to Maia). These collect tissue samples which can be sold. They are corrosive. Try Military Bases with Outfitting - change the Reference System to where you are.

    (Example usage with video)

    AX Missiles used for fighting thargoids - needed to take down armour and allow access to the thargoid hearts. Note that you can only fit up to 4 AX Weapons (of any type) to a ship. These are available from Military, Hi Tech and Industrial Surface bases.

    You can fit up to 4 and they use Hardpoints.

    AX Multi-canonn - effective against Thargoid hearts, not against the armour. Available from Military, High Tech, Industrial and Refinery Planetary bases. Note that you can only fit up to 4 AX Weapons (of any type) to a ship.

    Remote Release Flak cannons
    Useful against Thargons, hold trigger to delay flak. Note these are not AX weapons, so do not count towards the limit of 4 AX weapons. Available from Military, High Tech, Industrial and Refinery Planetary bases

    Xeno Scanner for scanning Thargoids - attaches to Utility Points. These are available from Military, Hi Tech and Industrial Surface bases.

    Shutdown Field Neutraliser. Takes up to 1 second to charge, protects against thargoid's disabling EMP. Depletes system capacitor, so make sure your power distributor is string enough. Available from Military and High Tech Planetary bases

    AX Fighter. Comes with AX Multicannons, and needs a Fighter Bay. Only available an Founder World (Shinrarta Dezhra) - which requires a permit, and at I Sola Prospect in Brestla.

    Size 3 AX Weapons (Missiles and Multi-cannon). Apparently very effective. Availability: Surface Military bases.

    Decontamination Limpets remove Thargoid contamination - available from ground bases with military, high-tech, refinery, industrial or extraction-level economies

    Thargoid Types

    It appears there are different marking on the Thargoid Ships (ref) but they don't have a meaning yet. The 'inner' markings appear to correspond to the interceptor type - three per type. Variants are Cyclops (3 hearts, 32 thargons), Basilisk (4 hearts, 64 thargons) and Medusa (5 hearts, 96 thargons). Cyclops are easiest, Medusa the hardest.

    Message on Thargoid Ships

    The Thargoid ships display sets of numbers that change. These are octal numbers which map to ASCII codes. These are sets of three letters that can be rearranged to say 'HULL STRESS FACTOR UNCERTAIN'. This is a reference back to the origibal Elite description of Thargoid Ships: (ref). You will not see these numbers once you have a Xeno Scanner installed, as the scanner decodes the message into an image for you.

    What are they interested in?

    They ignore most foodstuffs, Soontil Relics etc but will scoop Slaves and Imperial Slaves, Escape Pods. They attack Ancient Relics (and possibly you, if you carry them). Also attack if you carry thargoid stuff (TS, Meta-alloys, UP)

    Systems Unlocked

    None - HIP 22460 permit is unchanged. Regor / Col 70 etc : no changes in permits seen

    New Missions

    People are seeing missions with large payouts to ship Thargoid stuff around Maia region (Darnielle's is mentioned). (Not mentioned recently, assumed removed). The Palin mission from Obsidian Orbital in Maia is still available, and can pay up to 25 Million CR. The goods are corrosive, be fast, and expect your canopy to be blown! Not available while Obsidian Orbital is attacked.

    Changes of Names

    Unknown Artefects / Unknown Probes (and probably others) have been renamed - UA are now Thargoid Sensors (TS), UP are now TP (Thargoid Probe)

    Changes in Thargoid Surface Bases

    None reported. Thargoid devices working same as before. Scanning the uplinks will increase your 'Thargoid Imprint' stat (in the stats panel).

    Barnacle Forests found

    Barnacle forest found: Hyades Sector AQ-Y D81 , planet C 2, coords 9, -153 How the first barnacle forest was found (note this method has been patched and no longer works)
    Another forest Found at Pleiades Sector PN-T b3-0 A5 Lat: -4.4946,Long: 145.6557 (link) And a third Pleiades Sector SP-N B7-0 - Planet B2 35.96, -104.40 (link)

    New USS Content

    Now with Empire / Thargoid encounters (link)

    Thargoid Megaship encounters

    Several attacked Megaships have been found. Sometimes Thargoids are seen at the attack site

    • Sanchez Class in Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 near planet 1
    • Naphtha Class tanker Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 near planet 2 b
    • Henry Class bulk cargo AR-005 Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 near planet 4 a
    • Banner Class Bulk Cargo BTG-237 Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 in orbit of 5 A close to The Oracle.
    • Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship at Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-5 at 1 A
    • Aquarius Class ships in HIP 17962 3 A and then moved to HIP 17225
    • Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048 around HIP 17692 A 3
    • Lowell Class science vessel attacked at Pleiades sector OI-T c3-7. Planet B-8
    • Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel KSL-878 attacked by and drifting around Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-57 A5
    • Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179 Electra 6

    A ship (GCS Sarasvati) with historical info about the first thargoid encounters found at IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-16 A 1A - see

    A Thargoid Scout (seemingly an old design) has been found: (HIP 17125 A 3 a at -65.8228, 48.8618). The 2.4 trailer showed this and also a crashed Cobra (which has also been found on HIP 12099 1B, Coordinates : -54.36, -50.36). (original find). A video shown during the charity livestream appears to show a different scout. This has now also been found at Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 2 a at -60.880077,42.56736 (link)

    More Mega-ships have been attacked in the California Sector. These do not appear to be Thargoid related, but have been attacked by (human) pirates and in systems with Alliance bases. Probably related to a subsequent CG (link).
    • Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42 in HIP 18077
    • Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship KS-92 in California Sector JH-V C2-12
    • Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship AK-302 in California Sector BV-Y C7
    • Demeter Class (or Dionysis) vessel in Synuefai LX-R D5-28
    • Aquarius class tanker WKS 559 at California Sector BA-A E6 4

    Ram Tah Mission

    Payout back to 100 Million. Probably a bug. In fact probably not even back to 100 Million

    Anything missing - let me know!

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    • 21/9/2017 Initial Aegis appeals for Palin (Xeno Scanner) and Ryder (AX Missiles)
    • 26/9/2017 2.4.0 released (link)
    • 26/9/2017 Crashed Thargoid Scout reported - widely ignored (link)
    • 28/9/2017 GCS Sarasvati found (link), wrecked megaship start to be found.
    • 27/9/2017 2.4.1 released (link)
    • 28/9/2017 Second Aegis Appeal for AX Multicannons (link)

    • October '17

    • 3/10/2017 2.4.2 released (link). Anti-thargoid missiles nerfed
    • 5/10/2017 3rd Aegis initiative for AX Flak cannons (link)
    • 7/10/2017 Federation pull out of Pleiades (galnet)
    • 9/10/2017 First INRA base found (link)
    • 11/10/2017 2.4.3 Released (link)
    • 12/10/2017 4th Aegis Initiative to add the Anti-EMP device (link). Empire pull out of Pleiades (galnet)
    • 15/10/2017 2nd, 3rd and 4th INRA bases found
    • 16/10/2017 5th INRA base found
    • 17/10/2017 6th INRA base found
    • 20/10/2017 Start of new finds of Guardian areas near to galaxy core (Prai Hypoo and Eorl Auwsy) (link)
    • 21/10/2017 Aegis announce they are building 20 new bases in Pleiades (link) Initial two bases believed to be Cavalieri (#1) in Electra and Goya Landing (#2) in HIP 16753 (link)
    • 26/10/2017 Aegis Starports Artemis Lodge (#3) in Celeano, Cyllene Orbital (#4) in Atlas found (link)
    • 27/10/2017 Aegis base Arc's Faith (#5) in HR 1183 (link)
    • 28/10/2017 second barnacle forest found (link)
    • 30/10/2017 another six Guardian Ruins found in Blaa Hypai nebula (link)

    • November '17

    • 2/11/2017 New CGs to do Search & Rescue or kill Thargoids in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. All planets in CG system Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 now have Mega-ships or distress calls with extra loot / thargoids
    • 2/11/2017 Two new Aegis Starports, Copernicus Observatory (#6) in Asterope and Agricola's Ascent (#7) in Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 (link)
    • 3/11/2017 New Unregistered Comms Beacon at Teegarden's Star 2 points to something on Conn A 3a - search starts (link)
    • 5/11/2017 New INRA Base (#7) finally found on Conn A 3 a @ 73.38, 102.37 (link)
    • 6/11/2017 Unregistered Comms beacon found at HR 1188 A 2 (repeats on hour) pointing to HIP 16824 A 2 F - INRA related (link)
    • 6/11/2017 INRA Base #8 found at HIP 16824 A 2 F 73.87 / 61.87 (link)
    • 9/11/2017 New Aegis bases Kipling Orbital (#8) in Pleiades sector KC-V c2-11 and Titan's Daughter (#9) in Taygeta (link)
    • 10/11/2017 New Megaship Tiliala's Lament at Akandinigua 5 - related to the galnet (link)
    • 10/11/2017 new AX SLF Announced for next week
    • 13/11/2017 Listening Post in Celaeno announced in Galnet. This lead to HIP 17862 Electra. Attacked ship (Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179) found at Electra 6. NHSS Threat 6 found in Electra (especially around star) - these contain Basilisk (red) variant Thargoids. Basilisks also found near all wrecked megaships, in Distress Calls in Pleiades, in Hyperdictions and refueling at Barnacles
    • 13/11/2017 AX SLF made available
    • 16/11/2017 Malthus Terminal (#10) in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41, Ieyasu Dock (#11) in Pleiades Sector PD-S B4-0 and Bao Landing (#12) in HIP 17497
    • 21/11/2017 NHSS6 found outside Electra for the first time in Pleiades Sector DL-Y d67 (link). Being reported in multiple systems mainly around Electra
    • 23/11/2017 Two new Aegis starportsadded Kamov Survey (#13) HIP 17892 (link) and Cornell's Garden (link) (#14)
    • 24/11/2017 New INRA Listening Post found in HIP 8887 - references known base#5 and a new base called Stack (#9) on HIP 12099 1A at -72.62 // -67.52 (link)
    • 25/11/2017 New UCB found around Ain 2, points to 12 Trianguli A 1 -51.57 130.6 Taylor Keep (base #10) (link)
    • 25/11/2017 Cobra JJ-386 found on HIP 12099 1B, Coordinates : -54.36, -50.36 (link) (why was this planet being searched?)
    • 30/11/2017 Version 2.4.08 released (link)
    • 30/11/2017 Four new Aegis bases Pleiades sector kc-v c2-4 Oort Orbital (#15), Borrego's Vision (#16) in Pleiades sector IH-V c2-7, Liman Legacy (#17) in Hip 16753, RIX Depot in Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 (#18)
    • 30/11/2017 Size 3 AX Weapons made available from Surface Military bases (as a result of CG).

    • December '17

    • Aegis announce they are building 25 Research Labs (link)
    • 6/12/2017 2.4.09 Released (link)
    • 7/12/2017 New Aegis bases : Cleaver Prospect Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 (#19), Exodus Point is in Hyades Sector AB-W B2-2 (#20), Bennington's Rest in 42 N Persei (#21), and Asami Orbital, Pleiades Sector JC-V D2-62 (#22)
    • 8/12/2017 Message from Aegis: Thargoid Structure is displaying a Star Map (link)
    • 14/12/2017 Startports attacked by Thargoids for first time - Oracle in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55, Titan's Daughter in Taygeta, and Liman Legacy in HIP 16753 (link) (galnet). All stations now have close by Megaships and Search & Rescue / Salvage missions to the starports. Starport internals are hot and somewhat destroyed. No autodock.
    • 14/12/2017 NHSS7 found especially around the attacked startports. Contains Medusa Interceptor Thargoids - 96 Thargons, older than the Basilisk. 5 Hearts. Tougher to kill. Also found in neighboring systems (link).
    • 15/12/2017 T10 announced in newsletter (link). no date for release given.
    • 15/12/2017 Reports of attacked Mega-ships across Alliance systems in California Nebula. Ships have been attacked by pirates, and are visibly damaged.
      • Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42 in HIP 18077
      • Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship KS-92 in California Sector JH-V C2-12
      • Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship AK-302 in California Sector BV-Y C7
      • Demeter Class (or Dionysis) vessel in Synuefai LX-R D5-28
      • Aquarius class tanker WKS 559 at California Sector BA-A E6 4
    • 20/12/2017 Lakon T10 available from Alliance Hi-tech systems eddb search (announcement)
    • 21/12/2017 First three attacked starports now in the 'repairing' state - call for cargo has gone out. Three new statports attacked Bao Landing in HIP 17497, Cavalieri in Electra and Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694.
    • 21/12/2017 Christmas CG gets 20% off Federal ships (not Corvette) and removed rank lock (link)
    • 28/12/2017 Attacked starports now all in the 'repairing' state. No new attacks.
    • 28/12/2017 Looks like the megaships attacked by pirates were for a CG (link)
    • 30/12/2017 Henry Class Bulk Cargo (Thargoid Attack) Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 4 a

    • January '18

    • 4/1/2018 Three more starports attacked: Copernicus Observatory in Asterope, Artemis Lodge in Celaeno and Cyllene Orbital in Atlas (all have Aegis Labs)
    • 6/1/2018 Second Thargoid Scout found Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 2 a at -60.880077,42.56736 (link)
    • 11/1/2018 Reed's Rest in Merope and OBSIDIAN ORBITAL in Maia have been attacked by thargoids.
    • 11/1/2018 NHSS start to appear frequently in Maia and Merope
    • 12/1/2018 Beyond Beta announced for 25th January (link)
    • 12/1/2018 Aegis announce Decontamination Limpet to remove corrosive damage caused by thargoid attacks on ships (link) No sign of them in-game.
    • 16/1/2018 Decontamination Limpets now available
    • 18/1/2018 Obsidian Orbital and Reed's Rest now in repair, Kipling Orbital (Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11) and Malthus Terminal (Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41) attacked.
    • 25/1/2018 Kamov Relay (HIP 17892) and Borrego's Vision (Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-7) attacked, Kipling and Malthus now repairing.
    • 1/2/2018 Asami Orbital (Pleiades Sector JC-V D2-62) and Cleaver Prospect (Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57) attacked, Kamov and Borrego repairing
    • 8/2/2018 Exodus Point (Hyades Sector AB-W B2-2), Bennington's Rest (42 N Persei) attacked, Asami / Cleaver repairing. Thargoid path out of the Pleiades starting to be noticed even by those not paying attention.
    • 15/2/2018 Gaiman Dock (49 Arietis) and Weyn Dock (64 Arietis) attacked - only 2 more left towards bubble.
    • 17/2/2018 Sightings of NHSS7 around Gaiman / Weyn systems attacked a couple of days ago (in those systems and close by ones). Still no sighting of NHSS in systems attacked two weeks ago, so not consistent with the 'NHSS around attacked starports' theory. Also starting to see NHSS5 in systems outside traditional merope shell, but only just outside (different systems to the NHSS7).
    • 18/2/2018 Third Barancle forest found at Pleiades Sector SP-N B7-0 - Planet B2 35.96, -104.40 (link)

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    So the numbers did have a meaning. Was just starting to look into em but seems Ive been beaten to it.

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    Pro tip: If you have one of the scientific limpet controllers and wish to spend ages letting a thargoid wail on you trying to collect a tissue sample, remember to open your cargo hatch to let the limpet in once it finally gets the job done.

    These limpets aren't very bright and rather than waiting outside the hatch politely reminding you to open up, they slam into you and explode. 37% hull and a cracked windscreen in my cutter for no result

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    Thanks and rep for this great summary. I will keep looking since i can't get into game before friday or saturday

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    My first Thargoid encounter in a NHSS in Pleiades sector ir-w d1-55 (30.44ly from Maia).

    Thargoid turns red if you approach too close, but calms down if you back off (provided combat hasn't been initiated)

    I tried flashing my lights in a Morse attempt to no avail.

    Deployed shock mines which seemed to have no affect.

    Got my A grade python dropped to 32% hull within a few minutes, but I was not evading. Going back out to try other stuff.

    Fly safe, Commanders

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    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    What are they interested in?

    They ignore most foodstuffs, Soontil Relics etc but will scoop Slaves and Imperial Slaves. They attack Ancient Relics (and possibly you, if you carry them).
    Good work. Thank you!

    It seems that they like occupied escape pods too:

    They want humans... What for?

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    Originally Posted by Gin RideIntoTheSun View Post (Source)
    Good work. Thank you!

    It seems that they like occupied escape pods too:

    They want humans... What for?

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    3e Hullreinforcement has a 50% caustic defence.
    And it dosnt take any food.
    Reacts hostile if you have any guardian stuff or thargoid stuff (including MA) in your cargo, if you dont dropp it, it will attack you.
    It will destroy the guardian stuff and scoop the thargoid stuff.
    It dose not attack, if you have escape pods, but it will scoop it if you droop it, also slaves and imp. slaves.
    Also it seems to have a hostile reaction if you have Gold, Silver or Palladium in your cargo...

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    Nice stuff, a couple of other things for you.

    1) research limpets are also available from Schlegel Keep planetary base in LHS 3980

    2) some more good info over here:

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    A couple of additions for you:

    1) Thargoid Probes (formerly UP) can still be found around ammonia worlds, but now in "Non-Human Signal Source [Threat 2]"
    2) The Thargoid Surface Base on HIP 17694 B 7 F is now completely blocked off. I was there the day before the patch and there was a working gate that you could enter the structure from. All gates are now either blocked with rubble or actually broken.

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    Also ... this here is a FANTASTIC summary ...

    P.S. I like the idea of keeping all the good stuff in one thread and this seems as good a thread as any.

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    so... there are no missions concerning thargoids, and stuff right?

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    Originally Posted by Charlie Hustle View Post (Source)
    so... there are no missions concerning thargoids, and stuff right?
    Yes ... there ARE some missions, although I gather they're pretty tricky to complete!

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    Thanks for the extra info all - I've merged general stuff into the FP.

    Also spotted that the Ram Tah mission is now back to it's old payout - offering a 100 Million completion bonus. Though I guess against the bajillions on offer for easier missions it's not that good

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