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Thread: 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.01

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    2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.01

    Greetings commanders,

    Hopefully your recent endeavors in Elite have been.....eventful and mysterious! We are taking the Elite servers down at 8PM UK / 3PM East US time for a quick update.

    The downtime should last no more than 15 minutes - if not, i will be back here updating this thread with a status update.

    Below are the patch notes...

    Fix for a hull reinforcement package incorrectly providing caustic resistance

    Beluga Liner
    Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails and names for the Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

    Stability Fixes
    Fixed an issue that was causing players to disconnect when attempting to load into game near a station

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    Thanks a lot Brett

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    Gr8 work Frontier! U ROCK! Gimme more slime thargs encounters!

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    Doh...there goes our protection from the Thargoids... as minimal as it may have been lol...

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    No server hotfixes yet I presume?

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    no fix for the pathetic mission rewards ?

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    So, no full-on Thargoid invasion, yet then

    And where's the Type 10 ?

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    Can't vent my refinery. 2.4.02, maybe?

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    So this is why the goids where so puny. Time to feel the heat.

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    Nice one, that was quick!

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    I have hope trillionaire missions was fixed. Are they?

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    ETA on PA fix? It's almost impossible to dodge them and really throws off the visual feedback.

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    more thargoid fixes. the funny thing is, i log in and use the new route planner to plot to a CN star i found by accident on the star map - and get a msg the galaxy is going down in 15 minutes. i think we might last longer than that against the aliens? or what are the pvp crowd doing out there?

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    Just logged in to the "Servers are going down" message.

    Ah, well.

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