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Thread: Combat Analysis of Thargoid [Video]

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    Combat Analysis of Thargoid [Video]

    So, after my last encounter with the thargoid in an attempt of befriending them with meta alloy, my opinion of our alien neighbor has quite fallen.

    In an attempt to retrieve cargo from our alien neighbor like a true pira--pilot, I think I've never made a worst decision than that in my career as a pira--pilot...

    That being said, I gained some useful combat data and observation to share:

    1. The mother ship has a field around itself that deflects missiles. (0:56)

    2. The mother ship's only weapon consists of what appears to be a red plasma repeater modded with phasing sequence that deals caustic damage.

    3. The mother ship's field does not deflect lasers, marks can be made on the mother ship surface as if attacking a shield-less ship. (2:12)

    4. The mother ship's field does not deflect mines, nor plasma accelerator, nor rail gun, but are all ineffective, the same with lasers.

    5. The swarm fighters can be destroyed by ramming into them, and they have individual hitboxes that even a rail gun can hit. (02:21 ram, 04:32 rail snipe)

    6. The swarm fighters' arsenal consists of green plasma repeater modded with phasing sequence that deals caustic damage, seeker missiles which I believe are a part of the swarm squadron but turned into suicidal ramming drones.

    7. The swarm fighters will actively evade any incoming missiles, though they can get hit by them. (04:03)

    8. When the swarm fighters turn into kamikaze drones, they are affected by our normal ECM and point defense system. When affected by the former, it self-destructs on the spot. This lead me to speculate that when the fighters turn into kamikaze mode, they are locked into said mode and make themselves more explosive than a normal accidental ram, dealing more damage; in exchange, they become vulnerable to ECM and point defense. (06:44 ECM, 07:48 point defense)

    9. The swarm fighters can act as point defense. (3:19)

    10. When engagement drags out for too long (7 minutes for me), the swarm fighters will throw their entire squadron at you as missiles as an attempt to bombard you. (08:07)

    I have my sweet sweet revenge...

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