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Thread: Winged Hussars Appeal (Rares)

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    Winged Hussars Appeal (Rares)


    System: HIP 110028
    Station: Zander Dock
    (Mining Outpost, no large pads available, 88 Ls from main star, 219.80 Ly from Sol)
    Objective: Deliver Lavian Brandy, Eranin Pearl Whisky, Kongga Ale, Leestian Evil Juice, Indi Bourbon and Bast Snake Gin
    Time limit: 5th October 3303 @ 15:00 UTC


    The Winged Hussars have announced plans to establish a recreational installation and a tourist beacon in the HIP 110028 system, next to a little-visited Earth-like world.

    The organisation has said it hopes to attract wealthy tourists from core systems such as Sol and Achenar people who want to relax, but who also want to experience some adventure.

    The Winged Hussars are providing the materials for the new installation, but to cater to the tastes of their future clients they have asked for quantities of Lavian Brandy, Eranin Pearl Whisky, Kongga Ale, Leestian Evil Juice, Indi Bourbon and Bast Snake Gin. Pilots who deliver these intoxicants to Zander Dock in HIP 110028 system will be handsomely rewarded.

    A spokesperson for the group said:
    This is a great opportunity to bring new business to one of the galaxy's border colonies. We are asking independent pilots for help, and we are prepared to offer very competitive prices for the liquors we have requested.
    The campaign begins on the 28th of September 3303 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

    To be eligible for rewards you must sign up as an active participant before delivering Lavian Brandy, Eranin Pearl Whisky, Kongga Ale, Leestian Evil Juice, Indi Bourbon and Bast Snake Gin to Zander Dock in the HIP 110028 system.

    Be aware that faction-state changes, UA bombing and other disruptive events can negatively impact markets and station services, and could prevent the initiative from running smoothly.

    Winged Hussars CG thread:
    Prices at Zander Dock:
    • Lavian Brandy: 25,228 Cr/T
    • Eranin Pearl Whisky: 22,007 Cr/Tt
    • Kongga Ale: 20,286 Cr/Tt
    • Leestian Evil Juice: 19,978 Cr/Tt
    • Indi Bourbon: 21,883 Cr/T
    • Bast Snake Gin: 21,105 Cr/Tt
    Source systems: (max allocations represent "none" state - boom will increase this)
    • Lavian Brandy: Lave Station in Lave (Coriolis starport, S/M/L pads, 290 Ls, 114.54 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 12t
    • Eranin Pearl Whisky: Azeban City in Eranin (Coriolis starport, S/M/L pads, 295 Ls, 43.10 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 8t
    • Kongga Ale: Laplace Ring in Kongga (Coriolis starport, S/M/L pads, 254 Ls, 136.89 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 16t
    • Leestian Evil Juice: George Lucas in Leesti (Coriolis starport, S/M/L pads, 255 Ls, 111.03 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 14t
    • Indi Bourbon: Mansfield Orbiter in Epsilon Indi (Orbis starport, S/M/L pads, 143 Ls, 11.80 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 13t
    • Bast Snake Gin: Hart Station in Bast (Orbis starport, S/M/L pads, 205 Ls, 53.02 Ly from Sol) - max allocation 10t

    Latest status
    Last updated: 04 October @ 09:00 UTC

    Current Progress:

    Global Progress: 350,005 tonnes delivered
    Contributors: 2,124
    Reward Tier: 8/8
    Global Reward: None listed
    Current Participation Rewards:

    Top 10 CMDRs: 33,860,736 CR
    Top 10%: 27,088,589 CR
    Top 25%: 20,316,442 CR
    Top 50%: 13,544,294 CR
    Top 75%: 6,772,147 CR
    Top 100%: 800,000 CR
    CG Participation Threshold Calculator
    Courtesy of CMDR pprovart

    Data entry and current threshold estimates:

    New &/or have questions about the Community Goals? Check out the Community Goal Guide here

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    On behalf of the Winged Hussars, I would like to welcome you to our Community Goal, Commanders!

    Hope you will have a good time and profits will be made. If you'd like to learn more about backstory behind this CG, please visit our thread in the Role Play forums:

    You will find some more information about the whole initiative, the bar itself, some suggested ship builds and optimal rares route for this Community Goal. We will also try our best to protect the system in Open Play, so that safe passage is granted for all.

    The target outpost is only 80Ls from the entry point, so hopefully there won't be many casualties

    o7 and fly safe!

  3. This is the last staff post in this thread. #3
    Apologies for the slight delay on this Community Goal - it is now activated!

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    The CG Participation Threshold site has been updated - this CG is added as CG3

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    What a mess - trying to mark everything and will be trying to contribute to all 3 ofc. Winged Hussars, known as the True Source of Tranquility and Peace all throughout the Galaxy, are still left out on Galaxy Map. And this is a rare goods CG, folks, wink wink


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    Oh boy! Three CG's and Thargoids this is going to be busy week. I'll be changing ships more often than my wife changes her mind.

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    Zander dock doesn't have large pads so it looks like my Teabagging Orca will have to sit this one out.

    Thankfully I also have a mining teabagging Python, and my little Teagle for loading. If someone wants to let me know which station and which mode will be for the loading, I will bring one or both of them over.

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    No Fighting CG again?! 3 trades??? well more hunting zones for my PvP ship

    see you CMDR in VALHALLA!


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    I quite like the sound of this one

    Not decided yet to either use my Asp or Python. Will have to return my ships to my home base first, away from the Pleiades area and Maia first. Can only take part for 4 days because RL gets in the way.

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    Finally a good teabagging opportunity ... or, boozebagging in this case.

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    First full round delivered .. not quite a full house, there were a few spillages due to pirates on the way and I may have supped a few myself

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    Lave's my home system and Leesti's right next door. Yeah, I think I can deliver a couple loads of booze from the Lave Cluster.

    Wait, HIP 110028 is 260 ly from home. I'm bringing the entire selection of Lave Cluster rares. I'm going to make a killing off this one.

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    Originally Posted by Ansallar View Post (Source)
    First full round delivered .. not quite a full house, there were a few spillages due to pirates on the way and I may have supped a few myself

    Thank you for the sell prices! It looks like Lavian Brandy will be the highest profit per tonne for teabaggers. How much is it at Lave Station to buy?

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    Errmmm .. it was [hic] errrr [hic] 10'000 credits or summit like [hic] that .. I will let [hic] you know on the next [hic] round .. have to fini........... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can see the relevant system's location here:

    (api provided by

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