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Thread: Thargoid Interactions

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    I have been hyperdicted twice tonight in a grand total of 3 jumps close to maia.
    Both times i managed to field neutralise and then leg it successfully, the second time i had a heart aboard. No idea what type of interceptor either time but both was only one interceptor.
    Anyone else getting increased thargoid roadrage?

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    Lol, like it, Thargoid road rage!

    But no, not yet, I've been jumping around 100-150 LYs from Merope.

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    Do they often travel in packs though?
    Got interdicted earlier while jumping from Pleiades Sector MX-U D2-54 to HIP17511.
    Wasn't that worried at the time.
    emp goes off (visible shockwave, assuming that's normal)
    Basilisk appears in front of me.
    Having never seen more than one Interceptor at a time before (until today), was curious as to whether that's a normal thing or it's new.

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    Originally Posted by LCU No Fool Like One View Post (Source)
    Its not unusual.
    To be loved by anyone...

    Sorry couldnt resist, gotta love Tom Jones!

    Yeah from my experiance, 2-4 interceptors is about par for the course.


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    I'd say it's moderately rare, I've been hyperdicted about 2 dozen times, & only once did I have 4 interceptors , that was a few weeks ago or so.

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    2 dozen times?! Man thats a lot!
    Do you carry a lightning rod/thargoid cargo at all times? ;-)
    I have been busy in the bubble, about time i started “interacting” with thargoids again.


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    Heheh, they like doggie biscuits!

    Joking aside, I often spend months at a time in the Pleiades, either searching systems for new Thargoid Structures, searching for new candidate TS systems, scanning the goids in NHSS & then rescuing pods from under the goids nose's , mapping where in the Pleiades the NHSS are (not counting ones adjacent to invasions. They are upto 175 LYs from Merope, not 166), ferrying cargo to damaged stations & occasionally visiting the engineer there (Palin?).
    My 1st hyperdiction was 21-4-17 & I had 4 in a row!! (I logged out in the end to stop anymore), & that was just ~1/2hr or so after picking up a Thargoid probe (although I had once briefly before). I find most hyperdictions happen when I cross the Thargoid 'border', roughly 150 LYs from Merope, IIRC! Almost never have Thargoid cargo.
    Just counted them (I record a video each time, though I may have missed the odd one), 21 hyperdictions, so a little less than 2 dozen