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Thread: Surface Features - Barnacles/Unknown Structures/Crashed Ships etc...

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    Originally Posted by Jmanis View Post (Source)
    If you don't know the joke, do you even drink tea and eat biscuits, that's what I rekon
    You might not even own a Timocani tinfoil hat.

    Or wear it like true scientist/janitor

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    New TS discovered:

    (pure accident - the pan was not hot enough, or higher spirits telling me I play ED too much)

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    Lol, you made me take a double look before I opened the spoiler! , I thought, 'damn! Someone's found 1 more before I've even found one!' . (My Asp is sat over a planet atm, part way through a search for a new TS).

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    Han dude you made me spit my coffee out with that second pic.

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    Originally Posted by Th3 0utKa5t View Post (Source)
    Han dude you made me spit my coffee out with that second pic.
    For those that don't know.
    The scientist in the picture is the legendary Commander Derthek. The creator of the Gnosis and janitor of the Canonn.

    That tinfoil hat in the picture was sent to David Braben as gift and has been used by Ed on live streams. I hope it's still ok.

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    Regarding location and grid etc - Balte 1A 0.6165 -45.7333 . It's in the bottom of a gorge and if you don't use a small ship and land in the space down there (I used a DBX and struggled to find a spot) it's very difficult to access.

    You can get down with the SRV, but it's a near sheer drop on one side and impossible on the other. I had a heck of a job recovering to my ship, which I had to send away and recall many times before I could get to it, travelling back along the length of the ravine over very difficult terrain. So best landing at the exact site - which is as shown in the screenshot, rather than what is given in the tip message (which wasn't exact - I landed then used the sensor to find the wreck).

    There was a message of some kind when I scanned the ship, but it was of zero use - don't think I took a screenie, but I had EDMC open, so might be able to find it in the logs.

    Update Edit: No - no screenie and although the wrecked ship scan is shown in the EDMC log, it's content isn't. I'm sure it was nothing of consequence. If it was, I would have made a note or not deleted it. Just some ramblings about the guy on the ship hoping he would survive, IIRC.

    Exact entries (including the screenie I posted) with even more precise grid reference info:

    { "timestamp":"2018-10-09T20:14:03Z", "event":"Screenshot", "Filename":"\\ED_Pictures\\Screenshot_0029.bmp", "Width":1280, "Height":768, "System":"Balte", "Body":"Balte 1 a", "Latitude":0.616498, "Longitude":-45.733337, "Heading":323 }
    { "timestamp":"2018-10-09T20:14:44Z", "event":"DataScanned", "Type":"WreckedShip" }
    There is a single cargo rack available to shoot at, which just contains a single piece of antimony.

    Update 2: Turns out I hadn't deleted the scanned message - and as i thought, it contains nothing of value:

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    A new barnacle system with a new lower bound surface temperature limit for barnacles.

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    During a long haul passenger mission, I stumbled upon these new tube-like biological entities after mapping a small moon. I don't have a SRV equipped on my Dolphin, but in one moment you can clearly see some green gunk stuck in the bigger biological entity. Note the haunting noise and the discrete green plumes emanating from it too (Thargoid origin maybe?). Anyway, these things seem to be inoffensive. Later I remembered all ships have a composition scanner, and I found they were Amphor Plants! System FLYEIA HYPAI UY-Y D1-64, body 1 A.

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    Nice find Gabriellg!

    Btw for those who don't already know, the Thargoid structure in Outotz has been returned.

    Originally Posted by Maolagin View Post (Source)
    This is very interesting. I wasn't aware that tip-off missions *ever* included Thargoid content, and this is the second time in as many days I've seen something similarly unexpected pop up. The other one was a thread on the Exploration forum that just mentioned in passing finding a Thargoid probe in a signal source in the Formidine Rift.

    Makes me wonder if Thargoid bits are starting to show up in places they didn't used to be (as opposed to just being rare and going unnoticed). And if so, what's up with that?
    I missed this post originally, this is news to me! Anymore info on that TP in the rift? I wasn't aware their was any Thargoid stuff out there! (beyond indirect mentions in the log).

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    I missed this post originally, this is news to me! Anymore info on that TP in the rift? I wasn't aware their was any Thargoid stuff out there! (beyond indirect mentions in the log).
    I remember that, even went out there. Was determined to be nothing more than a misunderstanding or a hoax. There were a few of the latter going around at the time.

    RE: Tipoffs leading to a crash with a Thargoid Sensor... that would be this one:!

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    So, did you find something then?

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    Originally Posted by Assimilator1 View Post (Source)
    So, did you find something then?
    Let me clarify... you aren't aware there was any Thargoid stuff in The Rift, because there has never been Thargoid stuff discovered in The Rift. That report wasn't legit, wilfully or not.

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