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Thread: Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

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    Originally Posted by Assimilator1 View Post (Source)
    Yea I saw that, but Factabulous said the Merope bubble, as in that's grown bigger, where I said 'extended bit', I was referring to the same smaller bubble on the sol side you were .
    Atm I've been shipping goods to The Oracle, but I'm really tempted to switch back to my Cobra & map out this mini break out bubble.....

    Phong - How did your search there go?
    That fact that it is a cluster of threat sevens, in that location suggests something significant. of course they are aligned with a high traffic area, so it could be a new shell but we wouldnt know for sure without searching a volume of space that will be almost as big as the original bubble.

    I suspect that when the update comes all hell is going to break loose there and we will see lots of scouts.

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    @assimilator - I'll have to check the map to see how far awy i am atm,but probably not for the next couple of days .By the time i get there i'll have forgetten what i'm looking for so ill check back in when i arrive.

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