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Thread: Frontier Expo 2017 Recap

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    Originally Posted by Fix88 View Post (Source)
    Guys I g love this game. I'm terrible at it, but I love it! VR is a blast, this updates sound glorious. I have yet to venture online, is it easy to get ganked? I'm still rocking my horizon sidewinder!
    Good for you, stick with it. Join a friendly player group for fun with others and learning faster (I'm in PBSF - a very friendly bunch). I've been playing nearly 2 years and only been ganked maybe 3 or 4 times so its not that common. Gankers tend to wait in spots where lots of players might be - e.g. Community Goals and near the Engineers, might want to avoid those in open. Playing in open is cool for hooking up with random people. A lot of player groups have their own gank-free private groups (Mobius is the biggest) for grief-free co-op. Don't take it to heart if you do get ganked, it happens occasionally and you've nothing to prove, they're usually in high-end engineered ships in my experience so will make short work of you. Whatever, you'll be having more fun than anyone can killing sidewinders in a high end ship. Jealous of your VR, I'm on Xbox but have tried - awesome. You'll be out of that side in no time - get an Eagle because they look cool

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    Originally Posted by GhandiMcNabb View Post (Source)
    Seriously though, that's what's in the lore, if you read the books, they have magnetic boots. All the convenience of artificial gravity (ok, some of the convenience.... oops coffee spill!) with still the option for cool zero g shenanigans. I think it'll work just fine.
    I don't feel I should be made to read books to be informed about lore. It doesn't make much of a difference. Because anyone who wants space legs, will, if MagBoots are real as official lore, have a very awkward gait.

    Image the space cruise. All these passengers clunking about to the bar and the toilet. No, as lore goes it is a patch to repair failing background information. I don't see much fun in walking around my ship bobbing up and down to mimic some magnetic boots I am supposed to wearing. And so they could choose to make them MagicBoots, so you can walk in them as if there was artificial gravity. And then what is the point apart from the fact you have inconsistent lore.

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    Ed's just confirmed on the livestream that the Ant Ross Stellar Forge talk will be livestreamed next week and there's gonna be a feedback livestream with Sandy the week after. Feedback on what is an interesting question ... Ed seemed to hint that we'd know when the time came!


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    Wouldnt mind goin to UK for the expo....if i can figure out a way to get myself on to a plane without out lol

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    Hopefully we will be able to use srv's in multi crew

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