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Thread: Frontier Expo 2017 Recap

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    Originally Posted by Comacoz View Post (Source)
    that Star Citizen starting to sound real good
    Yes. For 5 years already....... It's fantastic - you can walk through ship hulls to get into your ship. Absolutely brilliant. Don't know why they even bothered making those doors in the hulls.....

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    Originally Posted by Comacoz View Post (Source)
    All this sounds great right.....but when will we be able to walk around?? Cmon guys, that Star Citizen starting to sound real good
    yeah, i would have preferred this over say, the planets colors,etc. Specially since we already have a toon now

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    Really looking forward to the new mining and exploring updates. Cool stuff! Thanks ED Team!

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    The Other Space Games?

    Ah, no.

    OGRE, and a whole bunch of other titles await.

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    Love the squadron thing and to have our own carrier. Even the PvP will be more interesting.

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    What the hell! LET US STAND UP FROM THAT FUC&€#+# CHAIR!!!!!! C mon!

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    Just wanted to say, if anyone hasn't heard it already, the Lave Radio guys have done an absolutely epic podcast from the event featruring interviews with Ed Lewis, Steve Kirby, Dav Stot and others, plus a terrific post-reveal round table discussion with Radio Sidewinder, Pixel Bandits, DJ Truthsayer, etc plus some excellent communtiy interviews as well. Well worth a listen.

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    Originally Posted by Comacoz View Post (Source)
    All this sounds great right.....but when will we be able to walk around?? Cmon guys, that Star Citizen starting to sound real good
    "I want to believe".

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    Very pleased with these announcements. Focusing on making the game better at what it already does is the right road. Thank you, FD, for not surrendering to the demands for features (such as space legs) which would chew up massive dev resources and ultimately only detract from the best space sim gaming experience on the market.

    As a long-time backer of SC and a LEP holder for Elite: Dangerous, I think Elite is best served by being Elite, and striving to be a better Elite, rather than trying to emulate SC.

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    Originally Posted by Comacoz View Post (Source)
    All this sounds great right.....but when will we be able to walk around?? Cmon guys, that Star Citizen starting to sound real good
    Only thing I'm really interested about Star Citizen is SQ42. Their current plans for Star Citizen itself sound too much like making the game actually work more than fun. But considering SQ42 was supposed to come out this year, I'm not really holding my breath, as their fabled 3.0 release is late as well.

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    This is all great and flows from the vast majority of forum complaints, suggestions and whining since v1.0.

    Kudos to FD for listening and being able to pivot back to these things after the multiple fun but prematurely released/ under-developed "headline features" committed to developing for Seasons 1 and 2.

    And SRV light-weight wheeled vehicle in 3300 with a 1940-technology scanner is something I hope FD will revisit along with what has been hinted. Although fun, it makes no sense when every other vehicle in ED flies, and the 1940s-era wave scanner needs a complete overhaul. Maybe really heavy-lift vehicles would still be wheeled or tracked for energy efficiency or safety around humans, but not personal transport for airless and un-populated worlds when there are heavily armed drones levitating around!

    Walking around should be last on the dev list, not least because it is a departure from the core of spaceship piloting. But mostly, it needs to be given many years of work to develop fun gameplay and NPC AI that fits with the rest of the game. It should not be released as a gimmick or in a placeholder state.

    I do have high hopes that atmospherics come at the end of Beyond... the Stellar Forge and planet tech will hopefully be ready 3 years after Horizons.

    Final thought after looking at the Krait. FD, the spaceship designs with obstructed cockpit views (like the Krait seems, and the Vulture, etc.), do not make sense and hurt enjoyment of the game visuals and combat acuity. When the starting ship (Sidey) has some of the best visibility, and Imperial ships have bubble canopies, there is a major problem with designs of combat ships like the Vulture or Krait. Unless the major obstructions in view convey an advantage in exchange for their much worse visibility, why would buyers put up with that and why would designers design it that way (hint- they wouldn't)? Look at military air-craft where the fighters all have bubble canopies regardless of manufacturer (form follows function) and the heavy lift aircraft are the ones with the worst visibility and most structure in the way of the view.

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    loving the look of all the new content. would like to see NPC wings you can join

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    Greetings Commanders,

    Continuing Narrative - From update 1 in the Beyond series you’ll see all of the current story threads continue to develop. The story will continue to influence the content and gameplay of Elite Dangerous. As the community explore the locations progressing the global narrative this will also unlock items for individual Commanders.
    The way Elite is doing the narrative it has is really problematic. I've never really managed to figure out if there even is any narrative at all. Sure, there are threads about them in the forums, but I've never really managed to stumble upon any meaningful piece of narrative in the game itself. I do hope something is done about that, as for now, I think I have missed all of it in the game itself and that's where the game narrative should really be, not in the forums.

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    Looking forward to the "Beyond" - and all those little things FDev seems to add in that they never tell us about until release day :-D

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    Wings - We’re going to add challenging wing missions you will be able to take on with your friends.
    That's good but what I really miss is mission where you can team up with NPC wings. Like help/support an NPC hauler to get to system X or Y etc.
    As a casual player it looks very essential

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