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Thread: The One Hour Challenge

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    The One Hour Challenge

    Here's a competition challenge for players, YouTubers (Kerrash, ObsidianAnt, Vindicator Jones, Isinona, ChaosWullf, Scott Manley, Kornelius Briedis, et al,) livestreamers, and this maybe a livestream suggestion for Ed as well.

    The Rules:

    Reset your position to begin the game with a Sidewinder and 1,000 credits. You need to make as many credits as possible in the first hour of play by whatever method you want to pursue. Missions, trading, bounty hunting, smuggling, scavenging, you choose.

    Contest time starts from hitting the launch button. After 60 minutes of elapsed time, whatever your Total Assets value is in stats will be your entry.

    The reward - Bragging rights, Bards will compose songs with your name, same sex players will despise you, opposite sex players will desire you. OK, and I'll gift you any three paint jobs or jump suits of your choice.

    The deadline - Dec 1st, 2017.

    Video proof of your efforts would be preferred. Enter via posting in this thread.


    1. Allitnil - 3,201,088 - 20 Oct 3303

    2. Jhyrryl - 344,220 - 19 Oct 3303

    3. DARKFYRE99 - 213,224 - 14 Oct 3303

    4. KERRASH - 147,730 - 14 Oct 3303


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    Awesome idea, well done Shadragon. I'm tempted to reset my second account, but I know I wouldn't place near the top as I always end up meandering in this game no matter how "focused" I am

    It will be really interesting to hear old players perspective on what the start of the game is like now. I expect many "in my day..."

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    How many attempts do we get?

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    1) Reset CMDR
    2) Take mission in starter system
    3) Realise no longer have jump range to complete mission
    4) Post question on forums
    5) Wait...
    6) End of hour
    7) Realise I reset my CMDR for this lousy challenge and rage-quit

    I spend too long in the newcomers forum If I had a second acct I might try it, though 1 hour is quite short...

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    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)
    How many attempts do we get?
    As many as you like. Reset and go...

    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    though 1 hour is quite short...
    But easily recorded.

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    This seems cool. Need to start a few alt accounts on XBox, might as well do them for this

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    I've got an alt* alt** alt*** account that hasn't even logged into the launcher, can I use that instead of resetting my triple elite king admiral king main account?
    *First alt is a storekeeper with modular terminals and other engineering commodoties
    **Second alt account was railroaded to battle conda to go to colonia to protect my player group's endeavours out there - they never entered the colonia expansion initiative so I never put said CMDR out of the bubble
    *** Third alt account was because I bought the full horizons beta access on preorder, then inadvertently bought another copy of the base game in a sale thinking I needed it - still need to upgrade that one to horizons, no rush though as it hasn't even logged into the launcher.

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    Dammit, I wish I had an hour of uninterrupted gameplay... Three kids and a wife say it is going to be a failure.

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    I can't remember what I had earned on my Ironman CMDR after an hour, I do know I got the iCutter license after 4 days and 20 hours, though. Without board flipping, engineers and all in Open. Not that this is hard to beat with the new mission spam we have since 2.4. I guess the Cutter permit would be achievable in 1-2 days now, using the same restrictions.

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    If I could start an ALT account, I would give this a go, but no way in hell I am resetting 4 billion credits worth of progress!!! lol

    Perhaps what commanders can do is go to a starter system, take note of their balance, Buy a stock sidewinder, and only spend 1000cr on it, and anything you make within that hour.

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    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)
    How many attempts do we get?
    How many hours until December? ;-)

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    Time to get my PS4 account I guess...

    Can I suggest one "rule" as well?

    No modeswitching or logging in/out? It'll make a big difference...

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    Kind of content that moves the game, even if only a bit.

    Thanks for existing, OP.

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    I probably won't be taking part (reset my save? brrrrr, sends chills down my spine just thinking about it) but a quick question .... can people get other players to teabag them loads of valuable commodities?

    Also, anyone looking for another challenge, check out the latest Buckyball race in my signature, runs until Sunday.

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    Originally Posted by Jmanis View Post (Source)
    No modeswitching or logging in/out? It'll make a big difference...
    That is perfectly legal to do under the ToS so I can't rule it out. What you do before hitting launch is up to you. Then the timer starts.

    Same with doing this in Solo, PG or Open. I didn't want to restrict things too much, simply because I'm in no position to oversee this.

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