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Thread: What have You done!?!?!!!!

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    What have You done!?!?!!!!

    Hiya Guys,

    This new launcher that I have just installed has caused a whole load of problems.

    Now the local system map won't let you select stations properly (if your cursor goes any where near a station, it opens up the details, which don't disappear when you click on open space, like they used to, and then you cannot select anything to the right of the opened box... You have to slide the stations to the left of the opened box and select there).

    You have changed the messages, so when you get "Mission critical message" the first space has the Filters option, which is very annoying when you are flying, and trying to get to the message, and it opens... Surely this would be better at the bottom of message list, as you don't need to change it very often???.

    Also on the mission select screen, there are now 'Stoopid' missions, Like "Flying 21,000 LY's to deliver data !!!... Who is gonna do that??.

    Also when you select a mission, it now goes all the way back to the top, EVERY TIME!!!!... A lot of the time, the missions all going to the same place are all close to each other, now you have to scroll back down again and again to try and find the other ones you wanted to select... VERY annoying !...

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you put these things back to how they were???... I was always taught "If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT !!!

    Still love the Sim Though !!

    Thanks to everyone for putting up with my rant !!... I feel better now.

    Cmdr. Matty MayheM.

    We are all Angels with one wing, So we need to embrace each other to Fly.

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    Welcome Commander!

    Delighted to have you onboard and thank you for contributing to Elite. Very sorry for your experience; please post in the following thread and file a support ticket using your store login credentials. Fly safely, drive dangerously and good luck with your galactic exploits. The in-game training scenarios will get you up-to-speed and the Galactic AcademyMentors will set you up for initial play-through and beyond. The following thread and will help you find collaborative game-play and some. The single best recommendation is to seriously take your time and experiment before you commit or switch between game-mode and play style. Don’t be afraid of a do-over or two and if needs be ‘clear your save’ can be found in-game under options menu. Swiftpoint Z - Gaming Mouse Evolution - Video, The most awesome game-pad software ever: Padstarr, Grifta Morphing Gamepad, TobiiEyeX Controller, ECHOTalkative AI, Gaming Music Packs, VoiceAttack with HCSVoicepacks are highly commended for meticulously augmenting game-play and more. Have fun acclimating, play-testing and configuring your control schemes to benefit you specifically long-term while you carry on with all-out cosmic professions. Uncle Art Music, ED Shipyard, ED-Blog, Lave Radio, Fireytoad, Kerrash Landing, MahdDogg, ChaosWulff, Drew Wagar's Blog, Alec-s-best-of-the-forum and the additional links below are truly recommended. Take care and Elite!

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    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe

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    Sorry you have had a bad experience.
    If you could make sure your points are raised as bug report, it would really help the team to track down the cause.
    Thank you!

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    Sorry Guys

    Hiya Everyone,

    Sorry, I didn't realise I had posted this in the introductions until I had already sent it...

    Still pretty new to this Forum thingy

    Will be more less stupid next time... Promise

    Matty MayheM.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Have fun and see you in space.