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Thread: Mining dropship

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    Originally Posted by Steph View Post (Source)
    Interesting ideas! I'll have to kit out a dropship sometime and see how I like it. :-)
    Tell us your experience too if you don't mind.

    And thanks for all the suggestions, especially about the hull tanking, never thought about that before, will need to try it out.

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    Originally Posted by Lain View Post (Source)
    I also use an FDS for mining. ( ) This is more or less what I use for a build. I don't bother with a shield as I want more space for mining internals, the FDS has enough hull to take some hits. I find it still capable of defending itself with three multicannons while out mining. Mine is mostly unengineered, except for the FSD range. I always say you can never have too many collector limpets when mining. Good luck o7
    If that's your build, swap the refinery with the collector in the class 4 slot. Then you can upgrade the collector to a class 5 and get one more active limpet.

    Also, B-rated controllers aren't really designed for mining. they have great range but don't last very long. You are better off with A-rated or D.

    The B-rated distributor isn't the best either. But I get what you are doing with the B-rated components, since they are good for a hull tank. I have a FAS that is B-rated everything and engineered with increased integrity on all modules.

    Hull tanks need point defense, or they are sitting ducks to missiles.

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    Has been my mining dropship for ages. It doesn't go that far - just out to a pristine metallic ring one system over from where it's parked and back.
    A little armor and some shield cells along with some reasonable weapons and pirates learn to leave it alone real fast.

    It got me through mining for Selene Jean and is a go-to favorite when I get a taste for painite.

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    Originally Posted by Fendalton View Post (Source)
    On my Anaconda I run 5 at a time, because you can run and gun asteroids.
    Yep, the Anaconda makes a great and fast mining ship. Hated mining until I did that. Now mining is ok. No problem getting around in the belt either. Wouldnt mine any other way unless a similar size and equipped specialized ship were made but really, The Anaconda is fine. I tried it in my Asp, didnt like it. I would expect the same from the dropship but I honestly dont know how good a miner it is.

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    Originally Posted by Pville_Piper View Post (Source)
    @ Fendalton... 4 medium mining lasers an 3 collector limpets? What a waste of time and lasers.
    It's been a while since I mined and I wrote the post at work, it was close enough.

    I could have had a class 7 collector controller, or stacked multiple, I can't remember.

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