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    When repair limpets were announced for 2.4 I immediately thought of a Repair Rats group, or even extension of the Fuel Rats. While repair limpets will be far less useful than fuel limpets I still think there is an opportunity to build a new role player group around this feature. Personally this isn't something I'm interested in, I purchased the domain as I wanted to make sure our community owned it in the event we wanted to do something with it (in short I hate domain squatters).

    So I'm offering up the domain, free of charge for the 2 year registration I've paid on it. There's no hosting included but if you need assistance there I'm sure we can work something out. Just ell me on why you think I should give it to you instead of anyone else that's interested.

    That's it, simple. If no one wants it no sweat, I'll just let it sit. While we can discuss the usefulness of repair limpets that's not really my intention here, just wanna see if someone would like to put the domain to some good use.

    Please reply here instead of PM, if you're seriously interested just say and I'll ping you.


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    No. If anything, fold it into the Fuel Rat mission statement.

    Going into the rim and not counting your stars is one thing, it's the kind of moment of carelessness that can kill anyone if they get distracted for a few minutes and just keep jumping. Coming out without the ability to repair your hull and modules is kinda your own fault by contrast, that's a failure of planning at the outset or a strategic loadout decision to maximize jump range in a tiny vessel, and I'm OK with that being punishable by death.

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    Speaking as a fuel rat, while there's no official policy on carrying repair limpet's, i can say that most of the rats i know (including myself) carry it anyway as a courtesy

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    I think this is something that we fuel rats could easily work into our SOP.

    Although, we haven't run into many cases where hull integrity is an issue.

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    Since "rats" is already being used, how about an original name. What eats rats? Cats! Repair-Cats! o7

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    Or snakes? Repair Rattlers!

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    It's already exist mate : Medicorp

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    Repair-Bears has a nice ring to it.

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    Although that said, why does it have to be the opposite of a rat. No need for the two to work against eachother

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    wouldn' t the oposite of a rat be a lion?

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    Originally Posted by SilentFlame View Post (Source)
    Although that said, why does it have to be the opposite of a rat. No need for the two to work against eachother

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    Nah,now Fuel RATS is an acronym

    Fuel, Repair, And Technical Support -- Fuel RATS

    In a couple years we'll think that's what it always meant.

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)

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    Originally Posted by X-2 View Post (Source)
    Repair-Bears has a nice ring to it.

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