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Thread: What are you doing in Elite?

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    Originally Posted by Frank_G View Post (Source)
    I love to explore new content, like to pick up missions and play them like missinos. This means, i do not stack them, prepare accordingly, like checking all available data, refit my ship if neccessary, plan a course and try to stay under the radar. I drop into USSs with silent running, trying to stay stealthy all the time. That keeps the fun factor high for me.
    I read he local news, as they offer opportunities and adventure from time to time and hide real gems.
    I play the game like i live in that world... Make a profit without getting into trouble. It is fun every time i log into the game.

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    I'm still playing and enjoying FFED3D, just for the spaceflight, not for any of the missions.

    In the previous two versions of Elite, spaceflight itself is fun, so you get drawn into just flying around aimlessly, much like driving in GTA.

    Practising crazy combat manoeuvres, or high-speed atmospheric re-entries, not just into rocky worlds but gas giants and brown dwarfs etc.

    I occasionally take military missions to destroy or photograph enemy bases, just for the combat challenge.

    Or diving into an anarchy system - the equivalent of visiting a "combat zone" in ED (or whatever they're called - never tried it), except it spans the entire system..

    After a lifetime of playing every previous version of Elite to death, there's a traditional pattern of progression to the gameplay:

    - First, learn to trade. Finding good deals, and how best to exploit them. This is fun, but you're aiming to build capital in order to move onto the next stage, kick- combat. Combat during this initial stage is an uphill struggle, but still fun, as you have save-games, so only lose out on unsaved progress.

    - Next, start working through the various combat ship options and outfits, having lots of pew-pew fun. Maybe become a fugitive, or bounty hunter, or military grunt etc.

    - Then you're ready for some kind of rank progression, unlocking better missions, and perhaps engaging in a story arc, with a sequence of connected missions.

    FFE got this part wrong by tying story arc events to the calendar, forcing the player to engage in the story before they're ready, with now-or-never choices. Whereas, i'd fully explored all 8 galaxies in BBC Elite before i accepted the custom missions. FE2, while lacking custom missions, didn't force event timings on the player, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

    During this stage of ranking up, in whatever respect it may be, the player begins to think about retirement options, and what they're gonna do when it's all over... such as exploration and mining.

    - In the exploration and / or mining stage, you're a battle-hardened veteran with near-limitless resources, looking for the perfect ship or upgrades, or solving some ancient mystery such as searching for classic Elite's generation ships, space dredgers or the chance of triggering further hand-coded missions. You're looking for interesting astronomical phenomena, extreme challenges, exotica of any and all descriptions.

    In FE2 you could search for, and find, distant remote outposts, enabling galaxy-wide exploration, plus an additional incentive to do so. Or you could search for the fabled black hole, which is definitely, totally there, somewhere, because DB said so. You could search for other outlier phenomena, such as contact binaries, close white dwarf binaries, or just really massive systems with say 60+ bodies, or objects in very tight orbits, such as a planet inside the corona of a red giant..

    FFE has a slightly more impoverished end-game phase due to the limited bubble of human habitation, combined with the need for annual servicing. Both issues can be patched with a hack, though, and besides, FFED3D more than makes up for it with its improved strafe controls, allowing for even more combat and general flight fun.

    And that's where i'm at with FFED3D right now. Just fightin' and surfin' the gravity fields. I've used the hack tool BUFFET to buff the AI loadouts for more challenge. Searching out cool places, and stupid stunts to perform there.

    Elite: Dangerous strays from this traditional gameplay course because of its complete lack of basic flight experience - ie. of unrestricted speed in "normal space", with real inverse-of-radius gravity. If i'm not allowed to fire my ship's thrusters then i'm not meaningfully "piloting" it. Instead of being liberated by "my ship", i'm constrained. Instead of indulging my will, it's denying it.

    I got as far as trading my way up to an Asp before realising that without free flight, none of the rest of the traditional Elite gameplay was ever going to arise. With such a pathetic speed limit for all ships, all basically handled identically - at a slow taxiing velocity - or else supercruise speeds, with nothing in-between. But it's precisely those missing speed ranges - slower than supercruise but much faster than a jet - where all the fun of the previous games occurs. Naturalistic combat encounters, and especially encounters with astronomical bodies, are utterly neutered by the enforced space speed limit, and various supercruise / planetary cruise transitions and limitations.

    Even bypassing the anemic combat, and weird and neurotic mission systems to proceed directly to the 'end-game' of exploration, becomes a dull and tedious affair in ED - basically ticking off discoveries that are empty stats, like collecting baseball cards.. Whereas in the last two games especially, the fun was in interacting with novel, interesting systems, chiefly by flying around in their gravity fields.

    This more basic underlying game simply isn't there in ED. It's the background context for all your motivations and actions in the game - you're the pilot of a spaceship in a free and open galaxy. The central, binding purpose of Elite. That whole premise is instantly and irreparably shattered the moment my thrusters cut out because i've reached the paltry speed of a few hundred meters / sec relative to some arbitrary nearby object... *poof* and the magic's gone. Rug royally ripped out from right under the whole raison d'etre.

    If i do not have control over my own ship's thrusters, and cannot choose how, why and when they should be switched on or off, then This Is Not Elite! It's an interactive slideshow, tantalisingly unable to ever fulfill its promise.


    With the greatest of respect to all the intrepid ED explorers and Top Guns here, you've only ever experienced a fleeting taste of the fun you'd've had with unrestricted seamless flight and realistic gravity.

    If we ever get spacelegs and atmospheres, or even biospheres, these will make for novel minigames for a while, a la No Man's Sky, but without the central binding premise of full piloting freedom, it will soon feel like yet another constrained, repetitive hand-holding exercise. The supercruise transitions for atmospheric re-entry will seem even more like cut-scenes, with more "critical attack angles" and scripted effects.

    When you can plunge into any atmosphere at silly speeds and at any angle, under any combination of thrust and gravity, sweep across the surface and bring it screeching to a halt above a landing zone in one seamless unbroken sequence, or likewise wrench an overladen craft off a high-G world, gradually climbing free from milimiters to meters per second upwards, punching through the haze and building up speed to escape velocity.. all in the space of a few uninterrupted minutes... then Elite 4 will finally have arrived, and no player will ever have any excuse for boredom, or need any particular narrative incentive to play.

    What we currently have is akin to GTA, except all the cars are stuck at either walking speed, or 'air brake mode' (basically warp speed). That would be more like "Postcards from GTA" though, because its central binding premise and core gameplay all arises from and is based around unrestricted motorhead madness, in that very speed range between walking speed and freeway speed..

    So what i'm currently doing in ED is floating somewhere near Mercury, for around the last year, in a crummy lame- Eagle that simply dies three seconds after i open the throttles, interupting my planetary play with orbital cruise and glide mode transitions and critical attack angles. It cannot do anything i'd want to do in it, therefore there is thus no game to be had, nothing to be sought or won, no thrills or spills to test my piloting mettle.. no sense of the profundity and spectacle and grandeur, gravitas, or raw, visceral danger that comes with actually flying, through space, carrying real mechanical momentum, to those wondrous destinations and sights to behold. It's an eviscerated, emasculated shell of the previous games' legacy..

    So i'll continue floating there until either we finally get basic ship control, or else the game dies, whichever comes first. Basically, the very second an actual Elite sesh is possible, i'll buy the onesie and retire. Til then, i'm getting my Elite kicks from a customised install of FFED3D..

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    Originally Posted by Enderby View Post (Source)
    Thank you

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    Taking a break...

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    Originally Posted by Witcher7 View Post (Source)
    Unless FDev has fixed it, I read you will be kicked out just before it jumps.
    Evidently they fixed it. I am in the Witch Head Sector now.

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    Originally Posted by thestyx View Post (Source)
    Evidently they fixed it. I am in the Witch Head Sector now.
    Good, can you leave Gnosis and fly around to explore, collect chartograph data, etc. If so, does it advise when you have to re-dock to catch your return jump?

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    Originally Posted by Witcher7 View Post (Source)
    Good, can you leave Gnosis and fly around to explore, collect chartograph data, etc. If so, does it advise when you have to re-dock to catch your return jump?
    Yes. I just did. Jumped about 800 Ly and explored the vicinity. Then I came back and sold my cartography. There is no advise yet. There is no return date either, yet. Might change tomorrow. I am docked for the night. I'll keep an eye on it.

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    Trying to find G4 and G5 Dirty Drive Tuning Materials for the last 2 days...Got my python blown up because I wasn't thinking straight.....trying to find other players to wing up with but lacking any social skills to make that happen;P

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    Originally Posted by Bounder View Post (Source)
    So i'll continue floating there until either we finally get basic ship control, or else the game dies, whichever comes first. Basically, the very second an actual Elite sesh is possible, i'll buy the onesie and retire. Til then, i'm getting my Elite kicks from a customised install of FFED3D..
    Umm, I take it you're the guy who started that thread "FFE is a better game than ED" a few months back? I can certainly understand some of the points you made. Like many others I'd played FFE and got to the personal thargoid scout with death ray at the end. I'd also wondered about supercruise the first time I played ED and was worried that it wouldn't be as fun as the newtonian model of FFE.

    But, besides the 3d tech improvement and all the GB's of detail ED is a far more connected world game where all its players can persist and affect the bgs. Everyone having their own use of the FFE time speedup modes couldn't be synchronized in ED among all the players. Even in combat, I don't know how realistic it was for the npc enemy eagles to swoop in and out like planes where you couldn't really match their manuevers and ended up using your ship like a swivel turret much of the time, and seeing who has the faster gunslinger line up of targets before losing your shield and hull. Yes, FFE was a great game but ED really is an evolution of the game with the current tech. If they really wanted to make a single player ED they could have, but they chose to go with an MMO world which isn't shabby where anyone of the player base can explore the galaxy effectively anywhere and at the same time.

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    Currently unlocking some engineers to mod my Python: Hera Tani (have to transport those 50 units of cigars), Lei Chung (still 8 different ports to trade in) and Broo Tarquin... All in Open, for a change. I'm a little on edge when I approach engineer bases (especially yesterday when I arrived with 200t of Landmines for Liz), but then again, it's kinda fun, mostly because I've not been blown up yet xD

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    Originally Posted by kdjac View Post (Source)
    +1 I wouldnt mind mercing for a player faction with a goal.
    Hey Commander
    Always need more good pilots.

    Send me a pm, we'll talk 👍

    That goes for anyone else in this thread looking for some direction/context to their elite experience.

    Without our player faction I woulda quit a long time ago.


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    Wandering aimlessly around, sometimes doing one thing, sometimes another. I have no direction or goal. Max ranked with all the engineers I need, so none of that anymore.

    Recently, did the Palin pop-up mission for 15 million CR (4x Thargoid Tech samples!), followed by a just-about-made-it escape from a Thargoid. Dropped a load of meta-alloys off at a dysfunctional space station, bit of trading back in the core systems, followed by a couple of Aegis runs. Now I'm trying to decide what to do next. Perhaps I'll try and push the last 70% or so I need to get a Corvette. Maybe a refit and go bounty hunting in a haz-res somewhere.

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    i'm doing mainly the same things since two years or so:

    - backgroundsimulation. either helping a player backed minor faction, or running tests on the mechanics.

    - exploring. mainly travelling to real galaxy sights, like visiting all real galaxy supergiants. but now i have signed up for a year long group circumnavigation.

    - tourism in and around the bubble. visiting a new installation, megaship, generation ship, a new thargoid base etc. basically ingame hollidays.

    having three accounts helps with the above.

    things i have enjoyed in the past, but don't have the time currently: taking part in any CG. buckyball races. setting up multistop trade routes between the three capitals. working out how prices are influenced by minor faction states. getting top 10% in a bountyhunting CG in an eagle. learning to use an all-railgun DBS. visiting any coordinate with 1000 ... like +1000/+1000/0. building the wrong ship for the right job, like a travelling FDL, or a combat orca.

    there are two great lists on these forums: and .... i still haven't done it all!

    and, ofc, i take breaks from the game. if i don't love to play it, i do something else, till i feel the need to come back. read a book, go to the cinema, watch some tv series. ED will still be there.

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    I'm currently trying (and failing) to improve my times in the Buckyball Race linked in my signature. Since one stage of the race is a 50km SRV trek this means my SRV driving (fliving?) skills are improving by leaps and bounds (baddum, and indeed, tish).

    I'm also catching up on some of the recent sights (barnacle forest as mentioned by Codger, also some of the new installations and the INRA base).

    The Cave Johnson Memorial Science Lab seems like a cool place to bounty hunt so as soon as the race is over (this Sunday) I'll be heading back there in my Python.

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    something i've been meaning to do for a long time: take the Alliance seriously. find a suitable home, set up a special fleet, and get allied with the factions that matter.

    my Alliance base is at Tellus, Ahern Enterprise - so selected because the station orbits the sun directly, which is unusual.

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