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Thread: I Want Gimbals! G1t Gud Be Darned.

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    Originally Posted by Imo View Post (Source)
    AX multi cannons are not available gimballed? Frontier obviously drives the nerf of the gimballes ad absurdum. They already nerfed gimballed weapons into the ground so nobody wants to use them in pvp anymore. That sucks.

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    Initially I was very resistant to fixed weapons but being forced to use fixed weapons for Thargoid solo encounters has actually taught me to use them. This is a good thing because now fixed weapons are viable for all my ships and opened the game up a little bit more. Sometime you need a push in much the same way Engineers got me used to SRVs and experience mining.

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    My dislike of all fixed weapons is that it kind of means you have to be pointing at the target when fighting - this has, and never will feel right to me. I can do it if I have to but I'd prefer not.
    It's certainly not something I would ever do in a real fight - stab you in the back, call in an artillery strike, fire a missile out of range, pay someone else to kill you - sure - get on a horse and charge down a line with a lance ? - never.

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